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17 Planter Box Plans

Plans 1 - 8

Planter boxes are an excellent addition to any landscape or gardening project. They can be used to delineate space, highlight windows and provide an area for planting in even the most smallest environment.

Most home handyman can handle the projects that are shown. However, if you would prefer a ready to use planter, there are many styles available.

The following planter box plans, designs and instructions are free.

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Plans 1 - 8

Plans 9 - 16

Plan 17

planter box

This planter box has detailed dimensional plans, but lacks any instructions. However, the plans should be self-explanatory. It is designed to be viewed from 3 sides only.

wood planter

This wood planter is suitable for a number of locations, including beside entry doors, on patios and to delineate walkways. It is 24″ tall and over 18″ square on top.

modern wood planter

Modern wood planter will work well on a deck. Good instructions and detailed plans.

tapered wood planter

This tapered planter box can be used indoors or outdoors. The design lends itself to easy modification of dimensions.

wagon planter

This wagon planter is somewhat unique. It is a more complex project than building a square or rectangular box.

Plans 1 - 8

Plans 9 - 16

Plan 17