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13 Kitchen Accessory Plans

Plans 1 - 8

Woodworking and craft projects related to kitchen conveniences and accessories. Many are suitable for woodworking novices or teaching children the art of woodworking and make excellent family projects.

They also make great personal gifts for friends and relatives for all occasions including a house warming.

Following are free plans and instruction for an assortment of kitchen accessories.

Plans 1 - 8

Plans 9 - 13

Kitchen Shelf

Free plans - Kitchen Shelf

Cookie Jar

Free plans - Cookie Jar

Wall Mount Plate Rack

Free plans - Wall Mount Plate Rack

Mug Holder

Free plans - Mug Holder

Pasta Tools

Free plans - Pasta Tools

Corner Cabinet

Free plans - Corner Cabinet.

shaker cabinet

Free plans - Shaker Cabinet

Flatware Tray

Free plans - Flatware Tray

Plans 1 - 8

Plans 9 - 13