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How To Make Greenhouse Potting Benches - 6 Plans - Part 1

If you have a greenhouse or are planning on building a greenhouse you will need benches to place your bedding plants flats or trays on. Build a greenhouse bench from one of these free greenhouse bench plans.

Also see our free greenhouse plans.

manufactured greenhouse bench
Figure 1 - Manufactured greenhouse bench

Selection of manufactured greenhouse potting benches.

We highly recommend the use of stainless steel fasteners. However, many greenhouse benches are made using galvanized or aluminum brackets and steel or galvanized fasteners.

Note: Make sure that all the legs of the greenhouse benches are level.

The first greenhouse bench uses concrete piers made from Sonatubes for the base and is supported using 1 1/4 inch galvanized pipe, as shown in Figure 2. The base material is corrugated fiber cement board. Fiber cement board is impervious to moisture.

Greenhouse bench plan using corrugated cement fiber board
Figure 2 - Greenhouse bench plan using corrugated cement fiber board

The second greenhouse bench uses lumber that is naturally resistant to rot such as redwood, cedar and pine, as shown in Figure 3. The lumber should be pressure treated with a salt preservative.

Greenhouse bench plan using 1″ lumber
Figure 3 - Greenhouse bench plan using 1″ lumber

Note: It is wise to use naturally resistant and pressure treated lumber where wood is used in all of the plans.