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How to Protect Your Wooden Garden Furniture

If you have invested in a solid wooden outdoor furniture set for your garden, then you will want to know how you can make sure that it lasts a long time. Wooden outdoor furniture is typically a sturdy, reliable choice when you provide it with the right care and maintenance. On the other hand, wood is a material that can be quite susceptible to damage from the elements, so if you are not sure how to care for it properly or leave it out in the rain for weeks on end, then you are not going to get the most from your investment. Here are some tips for keeping your wooden outdoor furniture in the best condition.

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Keep it Clean

Whether you have a wooden arden chair or a cozy wooden lawn bench, keeping it clean is key to good maintenance and making sure that it stays in good condition for longer. Periodically, you should check your garden furniture and clean it with a specialist wood cleaning solution. Ideally, you should do this not only throughout the summer when the garden furniture is going to be in use more often, but also in the fall and winter when you may not be using it as much.

Use Wood Treatment

There are various treatments and oils that you can apply to wooden garden furniture to keep it protected from the elements and ensure that it lasts longer. It’s a good idea to apply this on a regular basis; at least once or twice per year or follow the recommendations on the product itself as these might depend on the one that you are using. Most of the time, it’s recommended that you oil and treat garden furniture as the seasons change and you are going to start using it more. It’s a good idea to treat your garden furniture at the same time you would normally treat or paint decking, fencing, and other wooden items in your outdoor space.

Keep it Under Cover

Wooden garden furniture can be very susceptible to damage from the elements, so it’s a good idea to keep it under cover as much as possible. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or snow in the winter, this can seriously damage your wooden garden furniture and lead to problems with rot, so make sure that you have a suitable cover for your set. You could move it indoors to a shed or other garden building, but if that’s not available, waterproof covers that fit over your garden set completely and can be tied down are a good alternative. Just make sure that you check them often during the winter as if the wind blows them out of place, they might not provide as much protection as you think they are.

Wooden garden furniture is a great investment for your home and can transform your outdoor space. However, it can also be damaged a lot by the elements, so understanding how to keep your wooden outdoor pieces in great condition is crucial.