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Should You Repair or Replace a Broken Double Pane Window?

Windows offer protection from the elements outdoors and many other intruders. There are many types of windows, and double pane windows are some of the most common. Many homeowners choose double pane windows because of their energy efficiency. Like any window, double pane windows can get damaged, at which point you will have to decide whether to repair or replace the window. There will be many factors to consider before choosing to either replace or replace the broken double window pane, including:

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Cracked or Broken Glass

You should repair your window if the glass panes are cracked or broken. A cracked window will affect the visual acuity of a window, meaning you will not be able to see through it from any side. Moreover, a cracked or broken glass pane is very insecure. It can be quite simple to repair cracked or broken double pane windows. You can do it yourself or contact a professional glazier to do it for you. Repairing the glass is cheap and will improve the visibility and safety of your home.

Foggy Windows

If you have foggy windows, water has condensed inside your window panes. Most modern windows have an insulated glass unit (IGU) which is self-sufficient. IGUs are sealed and permanent, meaning you cannot disassemble or rebuild them. The only course of action is to remove and replace them. The good news is that many companies specialize in double pane glass replacement, so finding a reputable one should not be too difficult. The key is to get quotes from several companies and compare prices before deciding.

Bad Window Casing

Another issue you may face with your double pane windows is poor window casing. The casing may become loose, and it may crack, start rotting, or get dislodged and go missing, leading to extensive horrible window damage. If so, you can repair the window panes and don’t have to replace them. You will find exterior window casing at virtually all home centers.

You should remember that wood casing is not weather resistant, and you should paint it as soon as possible with exterior grade paint. Replacing the old casing with the new one is a relatively simple job that even DIYers can do. However, it is also better to call a professional if you want superb, long-lasting results.

The Cost

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When it comes to repairing or replacing a broken double pane window, the cost is always considered. If the damage is slight, it may make more sense to repair the window. However, if the damage is extensive, you will have to replace the window.

Replacing a window is a significant home improvement project, and it is essential to factor in all the costs involved, including labor. And also, choosing a qualified, experienced window installer is also vital to ensure the job is done correctly.

The decision to repair a double windowpane or replace it will largely depend on the damage to the window panes. Once you evaluate the damage, it will be time to decide based on the cost of the repair or replacement. It is a personal decision only you can make.