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Paloma PH24M Tankless Water Heater

Note: The Paloma PH24M Tankless Water Heater had been discontinued. For manuals and technical support visit Paloma Water Heaters Paloma Water Heaters.

gas tankless water heater
Figure 1 - Paloma tankless water heater

The Paloma PH24M is the largest tankless water heater of its type in the world. Superb for commercial and industrial use as well as large residential homes. Just one Paloma PH24M supplies all the hot water you need in your home for shower, bath, dishwasher, laundry, etc.

inside of Paloma tankless water heater

Turn on your hot water faucet and water is heated instantly as it flows through the heating coils. Paloma's burners shut off automatically as soon as you turn off the faucet. The Paloma modulating control automatically adjusts the flame to the water flow you select. Paloma tankless water heaters produce hot water only when and as much as you need. That's why you can save energy and money.

Wall-mounted Paloma tankless water heaters are built to perform efficiently with very little maintenance. First class materials include a copper heat exchanger and combustion chamber, brass controls, stainless steel burners, and a hard baked porcelain exterior. Palomas are easy to service and all parts are easy to replace.

Save dramatically on your current water heating bill. Storage-type hot water heaters lose heat all day long (and all night too!). They consume more energy than any other job in the home except space heating. Paloma tankless gas water heaters heat only the water you need as you're using it. You never store hot water again. You never wait for water to heat up again. You never run out of hot water!


Specifications - Paloma Model PH24M

Power Btu Input

37,700 to 178,500

Recovery Time

171 gallons/hour 100°F rise

Gallons per Minute
50°F Temp rise
100°F Temp rise

5.7* gpm
2.85 gpm

Minimum Flow To Activate Burners

0.52 gpm

Vent Size


Water Connections

3/4" Male

Gas Connections

3/4" Female

Height x Width x Depth

40 3/4 x 18 3/4 x 14 7/8

Net Weight
Shipping Weight

70 lbs.
76 lbs.

Minimum Water Pressure
Maximum Water Pressure

2.4 psi
150 psi

LP Gas Pressure
Natural Gas Pressure

11" W.C.
6" W.C.

Heat Exchanger
All other parts

5 years
3 years

* mixing with cold water

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