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Victorian Era Decorating

If you are anything like my wife and I are, you are enthralled by Victorian décor. You find it warm and inviting to family and guests alike. Our living room and dining room are both done in Victorian era décor.

Victorian cameo backed settee
Figure 1 - Victorian cameo backed settee

Selection of Victorian settees.

While it is relatively easy to find Victorian antiques or reproductions in furniture (Figure 1), chairs, cabinets, tables and lamps, to truly decorate in a Victorian style you need the accessories, because it is actually the accessories that make the room truly feel like it is a room from the Victorian era.

While it is possible to find actual Victorian antiques for your accessories there are a number of companies that are offering excellent reproductions.

One of the first items that we added to our Victorian décor was a wall hanging tapestry, as shown in Figure 2. These are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and pictures. Adding the proper tapestry rod only serves to enhance the reproduction.

Victorian tapestry
Figure 2 - Victorian tapestry

Other similar items that can used be used to enhance your Victorian décor include table runners, Figure 3 and bell pulls, Figure 4.

Victorian table runner
Figure 3 - Victorian table runner

We wanted to add a ceiling fan in the room, as we are somewhat energy conscious and believe that a ceiling fan will lower the costs of air conditioning. However, we were unable to find a ceiling fan that suited our Victorian décor. After searching for some time, we came across what we believe to be the perfect answer. Hunter makes a reproduction of a 60 inch, 1886 ceiling fan, as shown in Figure 5. Although the ceiling fan is not inexpensive it serves the purpose of reducing energy costs and fits into our Victorian décor extremely well.

Victorian bell pull
Figure 4 - Victorian bell pull
Victorian - 1886 ceiling fan
Figure 5 - Victorian - 1886 ceiling fan

Hunter also makes a number of turn-of-the-century ceiling fan reproductions.

If you are considering adding pictures to your walls, a standard in true Victorian décor, it is not necessary to find originals. Many companies are making excellent reproductions of Victorian era pictures. These pictures are available in poster and canvas format and in a variety of sizes. Using Victorian era pictures, as shown in Figures 6 and 7 framed appropriately to accessorize your Victorian era décor home is not an overly expensive exercise.

Victorian décor picture
Figure 6 - Victorian décor picture
Victorian décor picture
Figure 7 - Victorian décor picture

This year we wanted to continue our Victorian décor into the Christmas season and searched to find Victorian era Christmas tree decorations and table ornaments. Our budget did not allow for the purchase of actual Victorian antique Christmas tree ornaments, but after a lot of searching on the internet, we discovered a number of companies that do reproductions of a variety of Victorian era Christmas tree ornaments and table decorations, as shown in Figures 8, 9 and 10.

Victorian Christmas tree ornaments
Figure 8 - Victorian Christmas tree ornaments
Victorian décor picture
Figure 9 - Victorian Christmas tree ornaments
Victorian Christmas tree ornaments
Figure 10 - Victorian Christmas tree ornaments

You can be a collector of Victorian era décor. However, we cannot afford that luxury. We do feel that the reproductions that we have found are as close to authentic as possible, fit our budget constraints and provide us with the look and feel that we want in the rooms.