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How To Make A Turnaround Driveway

Backing your vehicle out of your driveway and on to the street can lead to accidents. If you have the available space, you should consider building a turnaround driveway, as shown in Figure 1.

house with turnaround driveway
Figure 1 - House with turnaround driveway

Having a turnaround driveway prevents accidentally backing into pedestrians on sidewalks and collisions with vehicles that are driving along the street.

Secondarily, a turnaround driveway can provide numerous areas for creative landscaping.

When designing the turnaround driveway, for your property, you should allow enough room to fully back out of the garage before having to turn the direction of the vehicle.

Any turnaround driveway must take into account the positioning of the house on the property and the overall space available. However there are only two basic designs that a homeowner can customize to suit their individual needs.

Note: The measurements that are shown in each layout or design are the basic minimum requirements. Any smaller and the driver will find themselves struggling to make the turns.

Turnaround Driveway - Design/Layout 1:

turnaround driveway design 1
Figure 2 - Turnaround driveway design 1

The turnaround driveway design, as shown in Figure 2, places the garage door at a right angle to the street.

No special materials are required for the turnarouond driveway. Concrete, gravel and/or asphalt will all work equally as well with respect to the turnaround characteristics of the driveway.

Turnaround Driveway - Design/Layout 2:

turnaround driveway design 2
Figure 3 - Turnaround driveway design 2

The turnaround driveway design, as shown in Figure 3, places the garage door perpendicular to the street.