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Trending Roof Design Ideas to Enhance Your Home

A well-made house needs a solid roof design to truly be considered complete. The roof completes the house because the house is supposed to be a roof over your head (literally). It should be durable enough to take the outside elements while at the same time giving value to your home aesthetically.

Let's now discuss the many trending roof designs out there you can try out. You have many timely yet trending roof designs to choose from when push comes to shove.

  1. Gable Roof Design
  2. One of the trending roof designs you should scope out is the gable roof design. Also known as a "pitched roof" or "gabled roof", it's a roof with 2 side slopes that form a crown at the top and center of your roof structure. This unique choice of roof is best in averting pools and puddles of water to form unto your roof cabins.
  1. Single Sloping Roof Design
  2. You can depend on single sloping roofs to steadily deal and operate during heavy rain and snowfall. They're designed to allow the precipitation to cascade from out of the roof to the gutters, patio, and drainage system. This eliminates waterlog and accumulation of water even better than gabled roofs.
  3. Both feature slopes but this particular type has been specifically developed for regions where you can collect the rainwater for harvest without damaging the home. This design can gain aesthetic value with ornamentation such as cornices. You can also use fluted or carved bottom edges for it.
  1. Smart or Mechanized Roof Design
  2. Another trending roof design in the modern era is the smart roof design. It's a roof design with eco-friendly features along with its own version of modern aesthetics. Such roofs make use of mechanized designs and a louvred roofing arrangement.
  3. This transformable sunroof gives homes more natural sunlight and ventilation. It can then transform back into a "normal" roof to give you cover from the rain and ultraviolet rays. It's a popular option among smart homes with smart devices controlling it.
  1. Metal Roofing Design
  2. Yes, even in the 21st Century, metallic roofs remain trending and in fashion. It's kind of like gabled and shed roofing designs—it never really goes out of style! Gen Z and Millennials (who can afford their own homes) favor metal roofs because of their low thermal mass.
  3. They're also great at reflecting heat away instead of capturing it, which allows for your place to stay cooler. It's a constant roof material paired up with gabled designs in the tropics of South America, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia.
  1. Timeless Terracotta Roofing Design
  2. Terracotta is both a forever trending roofing design and a timeless roofing design that's been around for centuries. It keeps coming back like chicken pox seasonally because of its beauty and practical applications in many a household.
  3. This time around, in today's eco-friendlier world, people are going for terracotta or earthenware roof material because you can choose recyclable supplies to create, recreate, and rebuild your terracotta roof over and over no matter how many roof tiles end up breaking.

Issues to Take Note

A house lacking a roof is basically just incomplete or an open maze. You need a proper roof to call your house a house or a home a home. It should come with the property, especially since houses tend to be a major part of anyone's investment.