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Transforming Spaces: 6 Must-Try Home Remodeling Ideas for 2024

When a homeowner undertakes a comprehensive or even a partial remodel, it can be an exciting opportunity to employ one’s creativity and make one’s home more aesthetically pleasing and infinitely more functional. Here are a few innovative ways to transform your space for the better so you can enjoy your stylish home more.

  1. A Laundry Space
  2. Remodeling your home is about adding in some utility and convenience where you can. In many smaller homes, washing machines and dryers may be kept out in the backyard or on terraces or simply installed in the kitchen. Creating a laundry room even if it is a small one can add more functionality into your life and you can make it beautiful by following makeover videos on social media.
  3. Small touches like vertical shelves, picturesque jars for detergents, a wicker stool and rugs can even make this utilitarian space aesthetic and pleasing. Many people combine the laundry room with the mud room concept or they may position it near the entrance of their homes so it can be used to store coats and shoes as well.
  1. Save The Planet
  2. Construction causes a lot of waste. In recent years, there has been a leaning towards sustainable materials and reclaimed materials. Reusing wood, furniture and stone from an older building is now very fashionable and even appreciated as the environment is important to us all. Many creative homeowners prefer to thrift furniture like couches and shelves and then restore them with a little elbow grease. There is nothing some sanding down and a coat of paint won’t fix!
  3. Using locally sourced materials and décor for your home remodel matters as logistics such as materials traveling from elsewhere in the country or internationally uses fossil fuels and causes a carbon footprint which negatively impacts the environment. Sustainability lends a unique edge to your remodel and may even be more cost-effective than purchasing new materials.
  1. An Open Plan Kitchen
  2. The kitchen is often a problem area for most people especially if they are culinary enthusiasts and enjoy cooking. In most houses, the kitchen tends to be boxed in and too small and there might typically be a wall separating the kitchen from the main living area. This has the effect of isolating the chef from the rest of the house so they cannot partake in conversations and socializing when people are over.
  3. Most kitchens also have poor ventilation and windows that are too few or too small. Pay special attention to your kitchen as this one room greatly impacts the joy and pleasure you feel being at home on a daily basis. They don’t call it the heart of the home for nothing!
  4. Hire an architect and contractor to deduce if a wall or two can be safely knocked down as you do not want to remove any walls or pillars that support the entire structure. Think of adding stylish features such as accent walls or even a fireplace in the kitchen to lend it that delightful vintage vibe. Most people depending on how old their kitchen is, may choose to update appliances and even the backsplashes, paint and tiling during their home remodeling. Use social media to create mood boards to help an interior designer create your dream kitchen.
  1. Light Up Your Home
  2. Modern lighting solutions and fixtures are just so much more impressive than what older homes had to offer. There is a multitude of lighting options available now such as ambient lighting and smart lighting. The best part is that the modern lighting options can be styled to look vintage or antique. Change up the lighting fixtures in your home to match a more fusion style and invest in warm lighting and plenty of lamps to impart some coziness into your home. Lighting can drastically change the way a space is viewed and what the ambiance feels like.
  1. Do Not Neglect The Outdoors
  2. One of the major determinants of value when it comes to real estate particularly houses is the curbside appeal which is essentially how good your exterior looks. Even if you are not planning to sell the house, the exterior is always what visitors see first. General home maintenance calls for regular cleaning, landscaping and some décor but if you are carrying out a remodel, you have the opportunity to completely reimagine the space. Look into the exterior house painting cost so you can clean up and improve the look of your backyard or front porch and the garage.
  3. Decide on a theme and style and make changes accordingly. A fairy-tale, whimsical setting for example would include sculptures, lawn gnomes, twinkle lights, lanterns, comfortable cozy sitting areas with plush blankets, rugs, flower pots and so on. Deciding on the individual elements relies on the demands of the style itself. Some homeowners want a deliberately rustic outdoor and indoor space so materials are left purposely rough, unfinished, unpolished and weather-beaten. Expanding the plants and flower bushes in your outdoor space adds value to the property as does more structural changes such as making a pool house, spa room, garden library, fountain area or play area for children.
  1. Do Up Your Basement
  2. As far as underutilized spaces go, the basement probably tops the list along with the attic or garage. Decide on a use for the basement such as converting it into a games room, home theatre, gym or a laundry room. Many homeowners even go as far as to renovate the basement to be an entire guest bedroom and bathroom with a small sitting area. Have the area inspected for pests and mold if the house is very old and then carry on the renovations you have in mind.


For many rooms in the house small changes can make a colossal difference. Repainting the walls, repositioning or replacing some of the furniture and changing the curtains to higher quality New York City custom curtains can update the space without major structural interventions. However, if you are remodeling on a larger scale, add more storage and impressive elements such as fireplaces or niche shelving to make your home a work of art.