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How To Transform Your Space: A Step-by-Step Guide To Home Remodeling

If you have had your house for a couple of decades, you may feel it does not meet the demands and needs of your current lifestyle. The same applies for houses that are inherited or purchased second or third hand. Transforming your space into an inspiring interior and exterior is not for the faint hearted! You need vision, patience and a wonderful dream team of designers and contractors to make it happen. Here is a step by step guide to home remodeling and making your dreams come true.

A Strong Vision

It is always useful to have a vision in mind for the finished space. Jot down your ideas on paper or sketch them out (if you are artistic) to give your architect and designer the best possible prompt to work from. The specialists in this regard will convert your raw ideas into a 3D render adding their expertise and knowledge of where certain materials and pieces can be sourced. Your job is to lead them down the right path regarding the exact kind of style you are looking for. The more time and detail you apply to this step, the greater the end result will be.

If you are opting for a fusion style or multi-theme layout, work with a designer to produce a plan that inspires you. With every home, certain compromises have to be made due to structural anomalies or limitations so be prepared for that. The home of your dreams does not need to be perfect, and you can work with your designer to add touches that will spruce up the existing layout. Design additions like faux window panels or fireplaces have endless appeal so do your research about how you can include the elements you want in your home.

The Expenditure

Home remodels even ones on a smaller scale will always cost quite a bit more than you think as miscellaneous costs pile up including extra costs for labor or import duties for certain materials. For this reason drafting a budget is essential although it is always recommended you leave some room in it for unexpected fees and costs. A budget will help you choose materials as well as structural changes wisely along with inspiring you to improvise where needed. Do not forget about the value of thrifted, or upcycled furniture or reclaimed building materials to your home remodel. Everyone loves a sustainable home remodel and home!

Sustainable Home Remodel

Now that you are remodeling your beloved home, you have the chance to carry out an environmentally friendly remodel. Consider installing solar panels so you can have your own solar energy which is sustainable as opposed to power from fossil fuels and it will cut your energy bill considerably depending on the size of your panels. Use reclaimed wood and stone for your building which will add a coveted vintage touch and will also make your home appear very unique and with tremendous personality.

Sustainability adds a lot to one’s quality of life so consider making room for a vegetable or kitchen garden that can assist you when you cook and also add design additions like wind power generators or improved insulation so you are not wasting electricity. A Walnut Creek roofing contractor can carry out a roof remodel or repairs as roof damage is one of the first reasons why you may be consuming more power to heat or cool your home. Most roofing materials are designed to last for the better part of 15 to 20 years so if you are remodeling an old house, you may need to replace the roofing material anyway for the health and safety of all the residents.

The Necessary Permits

This is a step many homeowners miss and suffer troublesome consequences from later on. Depending on where your house is located, there might be certain laws and regulations regarding structural additions that you need to follow. Only a certain number of storeys may be allowed in certain areas and enclosing designs such as a gate or fence may not be allowed in certain suburbs. Make sure you consult your contractor about the laws you need to follow and the permits you need to apply for, before you start your york home remodeling.

Functional Spaces

Functionality should be top of the list in terms of priority when you are undergoing a remodel. If you entertain regularly you may want to create additional seating for when guests come over. A common remodeling designer trick is to knock down an extra kitchen wall and create more of an open plan in which conversation flows freely and greater interaction is possible with friends and family. Older homes tended to have kitchens that were closed off or dingy and a new age idea has been to open up kitchens and make them a part of the general living space.

Functionality also means you are accommodating your work and hobbies into the available space. Create a home office or a work or study nook for your important tasks, find creative ways to have reading corners and book shelves or even toy storage areas if you have kids. If you are a chef extraordinaire you may appreciate the extra convenience of having a kitchen island or an extra deep sink and so forth.

Functionality and beauty for your home are heavily dependent on your likes, dislikes, lifestyles and most routinely done activities. A pantry space or laundry room may not exist in an older home so those are additions you may want to think about as well. At some point you will definitely consider remodeling old bathrooms and engaging a walk-in shower installer for a more luxurious and classy space.


Engaging the right professionals that you can have a good sense of communication with means everything and will make an otherwise stressful process go by smoothly. Compromise where needed as you are dealing with an existing structure and not building a custom home from scratch but know that there are many ways to include all manner of design additions if you are creative and willing to experiment.