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Basic Hand Tools For Home Repair & Improvement

If you are serious about doing your own home renovation and home repair work then you must invest in some hand tools.

Although the tools that you will require are dependent on the task or project that you are undertaking there are some basic tools that you will need for every project.


Tape Measure

Minimum 16' retractable tape measure showing at minimum 1/16" increments (1 mm)

Selection of tape measures

tape measure for home improvement


It is easier and more convenient if you have a set of individual screwdrivers, rather than a screwdriver with numerous different changeable bits. At minimum 3 sizes of slot head, 2 sizes of Philip head. In certain areas (Canada for one) you will also need 2 Robertson (square) head screwdrivers (green & red).

Selection of screwdrivers


16 oz claw hammer with a flat head is the best for general purpose use. Wood handle is easiest on the arms, but fiberglass or metal are acceptable.

Selection of hammers

hammer for home improvement

Tongue & Groove Pliers

A must have for any plumbing repairs or replacements, such as repairing or replacing a faucet, showerhead, sink or toilet. Also a necessity for working on bicycles. A very handy tool to have in one's toolbox.

Selection of Tongue & Groove Pliers

pliers for home improvement

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Adjustable Wrench

I believe that having two pairs of grove-joint pliers is better than having an adjustable wrench. However, there are times when an adjustable wrench can be just the tool needed

Selection of adjustable wrenches

wrench for home improvement

Basic Pliers

cutters for home improvement electrical projects needle nose pliers for home improvement projects lineman pliers for electrical remodel package of pliers for home improvement and remodel

Selection of pliers

Hand tools come in a range of qualities, and what you buy is relative to how often they will be used. Although most handymen would prefer to always have professional tools, in general it is an unjustified expense for the home owner. That being said, buying the cheapest hand tools that you can find is not a smart decision. The quality of the materials used and the workmanship is relative to the life of the tool. As an example, you will find that the tip, on the end of an inexpensive screwdriver will break off or wear to a point that it won't fit the screw head very quickly.

In hand tools, you get what you pay for!

Remember that there is a proper tool for every job. A screwdriver is not meant to be a chisel and a pair of side cutters is not meant to cut metal rod.