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Tips For A Home Renovation

Home renovations are always an exciting time, but they can be stressful too – whether it’s a quick spruce-up or serious rebuilding.

If you want to get your reno done without a hitch, follow our top tips to make sure it’s a smooth process.

Don’t rush the design stage

Having a clear idea of what the finished area will look like is crucial. Properly plan the materials that you will use, test out colours before you commit and perhaps sketch out your ideas so you can visualise them in the space available.

Set a budget

Once you have a proper plan, you can start to look at how your ideas will fit into your available budget. Some extra-special design features will require deep thought. For example, fitted wardrobes can add value to your home but weigh up prices and styles before committing.

Make a timeline for the works

Especially if you are building or knocking through, get a proper idea of how long it will all take beforehand. For example, if your renovation is to a room like your kitchen or bathroom, you will need to know how long your facilities will be out of action – and don’t make a start until you can confidently say how long it will take to finish!

Find a great builder

Ask around your family and friends or work colleagues for recommendations of builders and traders – this is typically a more efficient way of hiring for the job at hand as you will get a better idea of their work practices and quality of end result. If you don’t know anyone, check online reviews and always be sure to get at least three quotations for the work you need in order to get a proper idea of what a fair price is.

Beware: buy cheap, buy twice

Whether you’re sourcing materials yourself or in discussions with a builder, you’d be advised to steer clear of always picking the cheapest options. The old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true and you’d be advised to pick quality for long-lasting results.

Prepare for things to go wrong

Especially in major building works, your original budget and timeframes can go out the window if the unexpected happens. The weather could play a role, while the recent boom in construction work after coronavirus restrictions were lifted has also resulted in a shortage of several materials and even tradespeople to complete jobs.

Make the most of existing features

Do you have an original feature that could do with highlighting? A bit of TLC and a sharp eye for upcycling could really lift your new space and make it the piece de resistance of your home as a whole.