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Benefits of Tempered Glass for Window Replacement

Interested to know more about the tempered glass? You have come to the right place. This post thoroughly defines what tempered glass is, its benefits and responds to some commonly asked queries concerning this material.

In the simplest terms, tempered windows are carved out of a particular type of a glass that has been specially conditioned using specific processes of heating and cooling, finally resulting in a product that is highly durable and secure to use.

Generally, the windows of the establishments put under high-risk zones are even required by law to use tempered glass. That's the reason why it is relatively common to come across bullet-resistant glass windows installed in the security vehicles, restrooms, or even the glass-enclosed showers to ensure adequate safety against the danger posed via various unscrupulous elements or notorious forces active in the areas under the scanner.

Difference between ordinary glass and tempered glass

Tempered glass is essentially a safety window glass, which is also commonly referred to as toughened glass.

Here the standard glass form is further treated with an array of heating, cooling or chemical processes, resulting in a remarkably robust end product which is at least four times sturdier than a regular (annealed) strength glass.

The glazing phase for tempered glass starts with a prep stage in which an annealed glass is first carved to the exact dimensions and inspected for flaws. It is then put through a heat treatment that lifts the temperature to 600 degrees Celsius.

The heating technique is immediately succeeded by 'quenching,'— a high-pressure freezing process that cools down the glass within a matter of seconds.

As the quenching procedure begins to cool the glass's exteriors pretty faster, resulting in compression at the same time, the core centre is driven into the pressure— such treatment is responsible for imparting unprecedented durability to the tempered glass. The added toughness resulting from the selective and variable heating ensures that the glass can now be extended or drawn to a certain point without shattering.

With a strength of such a high level, there are countless Benefits of Tempered Glass for Window Replacement. Let us have a closer look at some of these in our next section.

Why replace your window with tempered glass?

Tempered glass is used for a wide range of applications in residential set-ups, federal establishments, security vehicles and corporate houses alike.

Although most of us have already heard somewhat about its utilities and unprecedented strength, many are still a bit confused as to why it is a better alternative to regular glass.

Here we take a look at seven Benefits of Tempered Glass for Window Replacement for both residential and commercial structures while constructing or remodelling glass models and frameworks.


One of the most apparent and coveted advantages of tempered glass is that it's safer. Since it is more powerful, therefore, this inherent characteristic prevents breakage issues. However, when a tempered glass does break down, it shatters into small, pebble-like pieces, unlike typical glass sharp fragments and shards, which can even pierce through, resulting in grievous injuries.

Scratch resistance

Tempered glass is suitable for household and industrial windows, panels, as well as doors since it is inherently scratch-resistant material, which makes it the best option for daily use that involves usual wear and tears. The use of tempered glass for cabinets and windows also ensures that their surfaces stay pristine and transparent for longer.

Heat Resistance

One of the remarkable benefits of using Tempered Glass for Window Replacement is its heat resistance characteristic.

When a regular glass is exposed to excessive heat, it can disintegrate all of a sudden causing dispersal of highly dangerous and piercing shards. The special mechanism that tempered glass undergoes during its manufacturing process helps it to endure even exceptionally higher temperatures, without breaking down.

It is one of the explanations why it makes sense to use tempered glass in baths where exposure to hot water is highly probable.

Design Versatility

Owing to the exceptional durability of tempered glass, it can be utilized in an array of innovative and unique applications.

From installing frameless shower doors to the robust windows, and other frameless glass structures such as panels and partitions, tempered glass happens to be the perfect constructing material. Being highly versatile and flexible, it is surely able to impart the trendy and creative appeal to both private and commercial spaces.

When is the alarming time to replace the old glass window with tempered glass?

Although the benefits of using Tempered Glass for Window Replacement as discussed in the earlier section are compelling enough to make a switch; however, there can be some dire circumstances that seek immediate action. Let us have a look at such situations too.

Burglary prone zones

The areas, which have already been put in the red list and are prone to the thief strikes or security infringements, should be the first ones to be glazed with Tempered Glass to ensure the required level of safety.

Life threat

Those who are facing threats to their lives should immediately switch over to the tempered glass for their homes and bullet-resistant glass for their vehicles.

Extreme Heat Conditions

If you are residing in the regions close to the equator and facing extreme climatic conditions throughout the year, ordinary window glass can shatter in no time and cause grievous injuries to the inhabitants. It is wise to replace them with the tempered glass immediately.