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How to Make Your Home Look Stylish and Elegant on a Budget

Decorating your home to make it look stylish and elegant need not cost the earth, nor do you need to invest a lot of money. Start with essential upgrades that can transform your interiors and exteriors. Small touches can add to the Wow factor and convey your upmarket status. Ready to get started?

Start with the House Exteriors

First impressions can make a world of difference in how guests view your home. Call in a reputable roofing contractor for your next annual inspection, and make the necessary repairs to have the place looking well-maintained and appealing. Most roofers also offer siding, windows, and doors upgrades, so you could start with that. Or, try a quick DIY project by enhancing your front door. Invest in a can of glossy paint and some new hardware. A darker shade like royal blue, burgundy, or deep gray adds a touch of elegance. Also, set up tall potted plants and a stylish brass knocker. Next, turn your attention to the yard and rejuvenate it with beautiful landscaping, like rocks, floral bushes, garden gnomes, and other ornaments.

Pull Out Your Family Heirlooms

Traditional items can lend character and class to your interiors. Dig through your grandmother’s collection and pull out a custom house painting made on museum-grade paper, old black-and-white photographs, lace hankies, antique jewelry, chinaware, and any other artifacts your folks might have collected on their travels. Frame them or preserve them in glass boxes and set them up in prominent locations around the house. Heirlooms are exciting conversation starters and impress visitors with their vintage appeal. You could also scour flea markets for artwork and objet’s d’arte for an old-world charm. A smart dresser with a distressed finish or hand-carved artifacts make interesting additions.

Paint Your Home in Muted Shades

Nothing says style and elegance more than the ambiance of the room, and the best way to enhance it is with paint. A fresh coat of paint instantly revives the interiors, and neutral colors should be your choice. Go with rose pink, pistachio green, off-white, and pale blue that will not only lend an airy feel, but open up the spaces. Pick out an accent wall and paint in a darker shade like say, olive green, rich blue, black, or deep mustard. Yet another low-cost option is wallpaper with a muted print that adds texture without looking the wall too busy.

Invest in Gold

Not the precious metal, but the precious color. Metallics are now being considered the new neutrals and gold adds to the impression of opulence. Revive your lamps, candle stands, photo frames, china ornaments, clocks, figurines, and any other objects with a coat of gold paint. It will interest you to know that gold is available in a range of shades, so you can pick out the particular hue you like best. While on the subject of gold, you could also pick out a paper with a pattern in gold highlights for the accent wall.

Accessories for Your Furry Bud

While you’re reinventing the home decor, don’t forget your furry buddy. Get a rose leather dog collar and leash set with a metallic tag inscribed with their name. As long as you’re playing around with gold paint, add a few touches to the pet water and food bowls. You can also invest in a box of rhinestones and sew some embellishments into their blankets and bedding.

Making your home look stylish, elegant, and opulent needs only a few upgrades that are more easily done than you could have imagined. Try these tips!