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Make Sure Your House Is Spotless after Renovation by Following These Tips

Renovating your house is a great way to add value and style, but it can be hard to control all the dust, dirt, and debris. If you've been through an extensive remodel, your home might look less than sparkling after the project. To ensure everything looks perfect following a renovation job, follow these helpful tips on ensuring everything is clean and tidy in your newly renovated space.

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Get the help of the experts

After months of noisy construction and dust-filled rooms, your home renovation is complete. However, the work isn't done yet—it's time for deep cleaning to remove the layers of grime left behind. Don't tackle this task alone for the best results—hire professional cleaners. Experienced post-renovation cleaning crews use heavy-duty equipment and products to scrub every surface, including air ducts and vents. A professional house cleaner can also remove tough stains and leave your home spotless, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your renovation labor in a sparkling clean space. While it's an added expense, professional cleaning is worth the investment to start fresh in your refreshed home.

Start with the basics

To make sure your newly renovated space sparkles, start with the basics. Thoroughly clean all floors by sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming to remove construction dust and debris. Wipe down walls and surfaces with a multi-surface cleaner to remove dirt and grime. Clean windows and mirrors and consider professional window cleaning for hard-to-reach spots. Sort tools and supplies and discard anything unused. Take out the trash and recycling and do a final tidying. Following these tips will ensure your renovated home feels spotless and move-in ready.

Vacuum carpets and furniture

You must thoroughly clean your house to remove residual dust and debris. Start by vacuuming all carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture to pick up large particles. Use the brush attachment to get into crevices and upholstery. Then, damp mop or wipe hard floors and dust all surfaces with a microfiber cloth. A microfiber cloth traps and holds dust, hair, and debris without chemicals or cleaning products. Clean windows and mirrors, and wipe down switch plates and door knobs. Also, don't forget about the places you can't see. Clean air ducts and vents using a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner to remove any lingering dirt or debris. A deep cleaning will ensure your home is spotless and ready to be enjoyed after its renovation.

Make sure windows are spotless

To truly appreciate the fruits of your labor, you must ensure everything is clean and sparkling. Wipe down all windows with a damp cloth and glass cleaner to remove dust and grime. Vacuum carpets and mop hard floors, paying particular attention to corners and baseboards where dirt quickly collects. Dust and wipe down all surfaces, including cabinets, counters, and furniture. Clean mirrors and fixtures until they shine. When you've finished scrubbing and polishing, your newly renovated home will look just as good as it did the day you started. A thorough cleaning will reveal your renovation results in their best light and allow you to enjoy your refreshed space fully.

Clean kitchen appliances

In the kitchen, thoroughly wipe down and clean all appliances, including the refrigerator, stove, oven, and dishwasher. Remove built-up grease and grime in the range and on stovetop burners with a heavy-duty degreaser or oven cleaner. Clean refrigerator seals and drawers, and wipe down shelves. Run the dishwasher empty with vinegar to remove any residue. A spotless kitchen with sparkling appliances will make your renovated space feel fresh and new. If you find it challenging to keep up with the cleaning, consider enlisting a professional cleaner.

Clean bathrooms from top to bottom as well

The bathrooms, which accumulate the most grime, should not be left unnoticed. Scrub the walls and floors, wipe down mirrors and fixtures, and clean the toilet, tub, or shower. Use heavy-duty cleaners or scrubbing powders to remove caked-on dirt and soap scum. Work from the top of the room down for the best results. The top-to-bottom approach will ensure all surfaces are cleaned, and your bathrooms will be spotless. Once bathrooms are sparkling, move on to other house areas to finish the cleaning. Finally, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your renovation labor in a clean and sparkling space. Appreciate your hard work to make your home more comfortable, inviting, and beautiful.

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Cleaning up after renovation can be quite a tedious task. However, with some tips and tricks, you can make your house spotless quickly. If you feel overwhelmed or don't have enough time to do it all by yourself, then consider getting the help of professional cleaners or experts. With their help, you will get your refreshed home ready for move-in in no time. Hopefully, these tips will help make your post-renovation cleaning process more accessible so you can enjoy your new house sooner rather than later.