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Want Solar Panels? Have You Considered the DIY Route?

By now, you've probably heard of solar panels and have a general idea of what they do and how they work. But did you know you don't necessarily have to fork out for a professional to install them? If you're DIY-minded and good with your hands (and electricity), nothing stops you from starting today!

man installing solar panels on roof

We've put together the ultimate guide on all you need to know for DIY-ing solar panels for your home.

How Solar Power Can Improve Your Home

Due to the damage that it does to the environment, fossil fuels have been widely criticized in recent years. Everyone is looking into how to be a little greener in everyday life. What's the perfect example of this? Renewable energy. A fully sustainable, low-risk, green alternative to the objectively dangerous fossil fuels.

One of the best forms of renewable energy currently is solar power - energy harnessed from the sun's rays. Given the sun isn't going anywhere any time soon (thankfully), it's a pretty good bet to take on.

But what a lot of people don't know is that solar power is now actually cheaper than alternative fossil fuels! So, not only will your off-grid solar system home be more sustainable, but it'll also be more affordable.

Pros of the DIY Route

We are very pro-DIY, so we were thrilled to find you can DIY solar panels! And some of the benefits are incredible. For example, you'll save a lot of money due to not having to pay for labor.

Then there's the fact that you won't be tied to the National Grid, which gives you energy independence. But maybe best of all is the ability to cater the setup entirely to your needs and ensure it's scalable for the future. It'll all be in your hands!

Cons of the DIY Route

As any DIYer knows, there are always cons. Starting with the obvious one - if you don't have any knowledge or experience with this kind of installation, you might struggle. There's only so much you can learn on YouTube.

You also won't get a warranty as you would from a professional, so more maintenance will likely be involved. And that's before even touching on the potential problems to your roof if you make a mistake. But something else to consider is that you will be solely responsible for any required permits - do not forget the permits!

Do Your Research and Give It a Go!

Getting hands-on and upgrading your home yourself can come with huge rewards! Not least the money saved but also the satisfaction of being able to say you did that yourself. When it comes to solar panels, it's no different. And getting yourself off the grid will come with other benefits.

If you've done sufficient research (and maybe speak to a professional for their opinion) and feel ready, give the DIY route a go. After all, you've got to start somewhere - good luck!