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5 Must-Have Smart Heating & Cooling Devices For Your Smart Home Remodeling Plans

Home renovation is the perfect time to customize your space and take full advantage of the latest smart technology. Twenty-eight percent of homeowners prioritize smart technology when renovating, and it's also one of the top remodeling trends of 2021. Smart home devices are preferred because they maximize comfort, save energy, and boost your home’s resale value.

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So what would be a great way to start your smart home remodeling project? Automating your home climate, of course!

Smart climate control appliances regulate your home’s temperature to provide a comfortable environment at all times. They help you break free from the shackles of traditional remote control or on-display control, and you can control all the settings using your smartphone from anywhere. Moreover, you can handle the installation of most heating and cooling devices yourself without spending a fortune. They don’t even require permanent installation, which is a plus point if you are renting.

So take advantage of your next overhaul and consider incorporating these 5 must-have heating and cooling devices in your smart home remodeling project.

  1. Smart AC Controller or Smart Thermostat
  2. If you are looking to smarten up your HVAC unit this year, a smart thermostat or smart AC controller for mini-split, window, or portable AC, is a great place to start. They are perfect when you do not want to replace the entire unit but still want to upgrade the features.
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  4. The smart climate control devices manage the temperature in your home based on your preferred settings. In addition to temperature sensors, they also have humidity sensors to maintain ideal humidity levels.
  5. The global control feature allows you to control your AC from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. You can use that to set daily/weekly schedules, track your AC usage, and even turn on the unit before your arrival. With smart climate control, you will always be welcomed by a perfect home temperature, just the way you prefer. Isn’t that amazing!
  6. To take your home comfort to the next level, Cielo Breez Smart AC controllers come with a Comfy mode that automatically changes the settings if the temperature/humidity deviates from your preset value.
  7. Homeowners are always looking to lower their energy bills. Old HVAC models have low SEER ratings, which means their energy consumption is high. However, even if you have an AC with low-efficiency ratings, a smart AC controller or a smart thermostat can help with their intelligent features. They make sure that you never leave your air conditioner running when it is not in use. They send you reports about your usage, which can help you adjust your routine to save energy.
  8. These smart climate control devices can be integrated with your existing smart home system, such as Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings. So, for instance, you can tell Alexa to ‘turn on the cooling/heating system,’ and it will be automatically done.
  1. Smart Space Heaters
  2. If you want to heat a small space or require a supplement with your heating system, smart space heaters are worth including in your smart home renovation ideas. They are easy to move around and require little maintenance.
  3. Smart space heaters connect to your WIFI and give you remote access to all the heating functions. You can adjust the temperature, set schedules depending on the weather forecast, and integrate them with personal assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant.
  4. The safety feature in smart space heaters allows you to control the amount of output while you’re sleeping. Further, smart space heaters also turn off automatically in case of overheating. Some smart models even come equipped with air purifying ability automatically that turns on the in-built purifier if your home air quality is not up to the mark.
  1. Smart Air Conditioners
  2. If you plan to add new units during home renovation, then smart air conditioners are worth considering. They are more energy-efficient than your standard ductless units and can help you slash energy bills. Smart ACs connect with your home’s WIFI, and you can control all the settings using the mobile app. This means you can change the temperature when working in the office, buying fruits at a grocery shop, or from anywhere in the world.
  3. Smart ACs can detect your location and turn the power on when you are near the set location, so you stay comfortable without wasting energy. You can set daily or weekly schedules, which means your AC will work on your preferred temperature when needed and shut down when not in use. Pair them with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant to have complete hands-off control.
  4. One cool thing about smart air conditioners is that they can help you stay on top of your maintenance. The mobile app connected with the AC keeps track of your usage and predicts when the AC requires tune-ups. It will remind you by sending notifications, thus helping your unit stay in optimal condition.
  1. Smart HVAC Vents
  2. Traditional central AC systems use manually operated vents that maintain the same temperature in every room. However, the one-temperature-fits-all system rarely works as some people like temperature on the cooler side while others like to keep it warm. Moreover, this system also hinders the cooling/heating in the attic or the rooms on the second floor, which may require different temperatures than the rest of the home.
  3. You can opt for a zoning system by installing dampers, but that can be pretty costly. Smart vents are inexpensive but a great alternative.
  4. With smart vents, you can customize the temperature of different areas in your home. You can set the desired temperature for each room, and the vents will open or close as required. In a smart vent system, you get wireless or plug-in temperature sensors along with vent covers. You put the sensor in each room combined with as many vent covers as required. The vent will work to direct airflow depending on the settings you have set in each room.
  5. If your kids like warm and cozy, you can direct the smart vents to throw warm air in their room. If your attic needs extra cooling, smart vents can help. You can also completely close the vents in the unused rooms, which helps in energy saving. Like any other smart tech, you can connect the vents with your smartphone and manage the settings on the go.
  6. You can also connect them with smart thermostats to have absolute control over your home climate. Smart vents can use the readings of the thermostat sensors (if you have them installed in each room) and manage the settings accordingly.
  1. Smart Fans
  2. While fans do not actually cool or heat the room, they can help create a relaxing environment by circulating the air more efficiently.
  3. Combined with air conditioning units, a ceiling fan installation can help to lower heating and cooling costs. You can raise the thermostat setting to about 4°F when using the fan without compromising on your comfort.
  4. You might have been using the ceiling fan with or without air conditioning, but why not take it a step further?
  5. Yes, we are talking about voice control, sensor control, and remote control. For example, you can enter the room, and smart fans will turn on automatically, detecting your presence. You can connect the smart fans with your phone and change the settings from anywhere.
  6. In summer, your fan should be circulating in a clockwise direction to force the cool air downward. On the other hand, the clockwise direction is best for winter as it forces the cool air up. Smart fans can be programmed to switch depending on the weather, and you can set schedules for that using your phone. No more changing the direction manually!
  7. Some smart fans even come with features such as sleep mode, boost mode, and timer mode. So what else do you need in a ceiling fan?
  8. Smart heating and cooling devices provide you with ultimate ease by maintaining the ideal home temperature and reducing electricity costs, making them a great addition to your smart home remodeling plan.