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Signs Of Foundation Problems In A Home

The house is one of the most expensive investments a person can make. For that reason, it pays to protect it. That’s also why it’s wise to learn about the common signs of a home’s foundation problems. Pier and beam, as well as concrete slabs foundations can actually develop serious issues that would require repair. When there are foundation problems in your house, basements can also be severely damaged.

Inadequate foundation drainage, poor soil compaction, plumbing leaks, climate, and soil can all cause foundation deterioration. Being on the lookout for trouble signs is always a good idea. To help you prevent foundation problems in your home from becoming worse, here’s a list of things that could indicate a need for foundation repair service:

1. Wall Cracks

One of the first signs that you have a foundation problem is noticing cracks in your wall. If the water is starting to leak out of the wall, you need to check under the surface of your foundation. You can use a flashlight to check the concrete. If you don’t see any evidence of a crack, you should consider hiring a professional to fix the problem. If the crack isn’t just small enough to be repaired, there may be a larger problem beneath the surface of your floor. That will require the services of a building engineer.

2. Slab Leaks

Slab leaks are one of the most common types of foundation damages. These can be caused by a wide variety of factors, some more serious than others.

The first place you should look for slab leaks is in your basement. They often occur on water lines, or on concrete walls between the basement and the house, so it's very important that these areas are checked out as soon as possible. You should also check out any drains in your home and any leaks that you may find along the edges of your foundation. If you notice any signs of the presence of water in your basement, it's important that you take action.

The sooner you can get someone to look into your home's foundation problems, the earlier you’ll learn about your options for repairing slab leaks, and the better your chances of saving your home.

3. Floor Cracks

There are a lot of possible causes for floor cracks that appear in the stone, tile, or wood floors of your house. If you see small floor cracks in the lower levels of the house, you might have a foundation problem with your house. When a structural problem occurs, structural damages can become catastrophic. As such, it’s important that you do everything in your power to fix the structural damage that’s causing the cracks before they get bigger.

4. Uneven Floors

Uneven floors as a sign of house foundation problems is something that you’ll frequently hear from homeowners. Some of the problems that may be responsible for this uneven flooring are things like water seepage, a leaky pipe, and a problem that might have to do with moisture. Some other things that can be blamed for this issue are sagging floor boards, loose carpet tiles, and an inadequate amount of cement on the floor. The bottom line is that when there's unevenness in a floor, then, it's a sign that there's some kind of foundation problem that needs to be corrected.

5. Doors That Stick

The problem of doors that stick or don’t open and close can be very frustrating to deal with. Most often, this is due to poor building practices or improper construction and foundation maintenance on the part of the homeowner. This can cause some serious problems.

Doors that stick as a sign of house foundation problems should be taken care of as soon as possible. Remember, you don’t want your doors to malfunction forever. Make sure you have an experienced professional to look at your doors in the event that they don’t start to open properly.

6. Rotting Wood In Pier And Beams

A rotting wood in beams and pier is a warning sign of a foundation problem. In the case of wood beams, rotting can be easily identified by noticing the wood crack from above. If there's any crack or splitting from below, it may indicate a more serious issue with the wood or wooden frame. The reason behind this is that wood is very dense, and when the water gets inside the house, the pressure of the water will cause the wood to expand and contract. The more the wood expands, the bigger the hole becomes in the foundation.


Some of the common signs of foundation problems include wall cracks, slab leaks, floor cracks, uneven floors, doors that don’t open or close, and rotting wood in pier and beams. They can be caused by an improper drain field, improperly poured foundation walls, foundation damage caused by rain or snow, or any combination of all of these things. These foundation issues are a potential threat to your home, and you should take steps to address them.