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Roof Renovation Tips for a Stylish and Sustainable Home

Your roof is not only a major focal point of your home, with the ability to provide great curb appeal and aesthetics, but it’s also a key component to protecting your investment. If you’re considering an upgrade to your roof, there are also many different ways you can do it sustainably, so you can feel good about your home while knowing that you’re protecting the planet. Get started on your journey to a new-looking rook with these ideas and tips to up the style, keep your home protected, and keep your commitment to living sustainably.

Start With the Correct Insulation and Ventilation

Roofing is an important home renovation project. To start, consider that homes don’t always have the correct insulation level or roof ventilation. This can be the case, especially with older homes, but it could impact any residence. Check that you have the correct level and type of insulation and that there is proper ventilation. In some instances, new insulation will need to be added. This will help conserve energy and prevent moisture or other issues that could be damaging and costly. Once you’ve verified these basics, you can feel confident moving forward with roof renovations.

Know What Type of Sustainable Roofing Is Best for Your Area

Most of us aren’t roofing experts, and this is where a local contractor can come in with their knowledge. They will have insight into your specific area to help you decide on which renovations meet your needs for looks, budget, sustainability, and your city. Roofers in Grand Rapids, for example, know what types of roofing materials are best to combat the snowy, freezing weather the area endures during the winter months, while roofers in Gainesville will understand the humidity issues, and contractors in Amarillo will know how to install roofing to deal with the area’s high winds. Choosing someone who knows the specifics of your location can give you ultimate peace of mind during your roof renovation.

Consider Reclaimed Roofing Materials

If you’re going for a specific look but want to do it in an earth-friendly way, one avenue to consider is using reclaimed materials for your sustainable roof. These are sometimes used with slate, clay, or other more expensive roofing materials. Using reclaimed materials can also be a big advantage in terms of cost, whether you are doing repairs or upgrades or an entirely new roof design.

Think About Roofing Made From Recycled Materials

Some types of composite shingles and other options, such as rubber roofs, are made with various amounts of recycled materials. The end result is a beautiful, high-quality material that you can feel good about in terms of strength, durability, and design, but that has the added sustainability effort involved because it’s made with recycled content.

Live Out Sustainability With a Living Roof

A living roof (also known as a green roof) can be the ultimate in sustainability. In this style, an underlayer is covered with roof-friendly plant life that helps insulate and protect, while giving back to the environment. If you are doing a roof upgrade or renovation, you might consider a partial living roof or a fully living roof design depending on your budget, needs, and the aesthetics you want.

Invest in Solar Panels for an Earth-Friendly Roof Upgrade

Nothing’s better for our planet than conserving resources, and utilizing solar power is a key way to help the environment. If you’re in the market for a roof renovation and it fits your budget, solar roofing can be a powerful investment that cuts energy bills and helps you feel good about your new roof choice.

Cool or Reflective Roof Upgrade

Choosing roofing materials that have reflective components (also known as “white” or “cool” roofs) has the added advantage of reducing energy costs. These roofs don’t have to be white; any light color will provide the same effect. Because these are generally more simplistic in style, they’re a great option if you like minimalist design.

Try Wood-Look Alternative Roofing

If you’re looking to update your roof and love the look of wood, but want a more sustainable option, there are a variety of wood-look synthetic alternatives you can feel good about. Enjoy the classic look of a beautiful cedar roof without the use of precious trees when you consider a roof renovation with this material.

Renovate Your Roof With Style and Sustainability

You don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability. Thanks to all the modern options today’s homeowners have, you can choose an earth-friendly option that’s attractive, durable, and meets your budget. Talk to a local contractor and learn more about your roof renovation options.