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How To Check If Your Windows Need Replacing

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Do you know if your windows are in need of replacement? Windows are constantly being improved, which means that what was once a good window may not be anymore. Windows are an essential part of keeping our house cool during the summer and warm in winter. Windows need to be replaced for a number of reasons and knowing when your windows need replacing is important so you don't waste money.

Before we show you how to check if your windows need replacing, we'll go over what happens when windows fail so you can see why they might need to be replaced.

When Windows Fail

Windows fail when they can't do their job efficiently anymore. Windows are what lets the air inside your home, but also let the air outside your home. Air is either hot or cold and windows must be able to balance letting in both types of air so that you don't need to rely on heating or cooling systems. If air isn't allowed in well enough then there will be problems with comfort levels inside the house, which means that you'll find yourself relying on an AC or heater more than you should be needing to.

There are many reasons why windows might not let in enough air through, causing discomfort within a building. Here are some reasons why:

Check If The Window Doesn't Close Completely

When you have a window that doesn't close properly then there isn't much air that can get in, causing heating or cooling systems to work harder than they should. If the gap between your window and frame is more than 1/8 of an inch then it's time to have this fixed.

Windows are constantly being improved, but many older models just don't do their job like they used to. When your windows don't close properly anymore it's because parts of them are wearing out. The parts of your window that wear our most are the frames and panes (the things glass goes into). These need replacing eventually anyways, which means now would be a good time if you're already having problems with your windows.

Check If It Has Cracks

Cracks are another good reason to have windows replaced. Cracks are the result of either accidents or weathering, which can both cause problems with the temperature inside your house. Accidents happen all the time and people aren't always careful when they're opening windows, whether it's because they're rushing or not paying attention to where they're opening them. If you notice cracks in any panes then this is a good indication that you need to replace them ASAP.

Windows don't just create discomfort within building interiors though, but also exterior interiors as well. Even small cracks might allow enough air out to make cooling systems work extra hard to keep up with demand if there is no corresponding source of cool air entering through other windows on the other side. If the windows are old enough then there might be no way of fixing this either, which means that if you're having cooling issues then it will be time to get replacement windows before you burn through your energy bills.

Check For Broken Glass

Broken glass is yet another sign of how your windows aren't doing their job anymore. Sometimes accidents happen and pieces of glass can break off. This is especially true for double pane windows, where one pane can break without the other keeping them both safe at home. Even if only one pane has broken though, it's important to fix this because if air gets in around the edges of a window where two panes meet then there is an increase in noise pollution as well as drafts entering the room.

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Check For Weird Sounds

If you're starting to hear weird sounds then this is yet another sign that your windows might be on their way out. When glass isn't put in properly it can rub against the frame, causing loud noises because of how air blows through the window and across the opening where they meet. A good indicator that you might consider having them replaced or fixed would be if conversations can't be heard easily over noise outside when they're opened.

Are The Window Frames Soft?

When the window frames themselves aren't sturdy anymore then you know that it might be time to get replacement windows because of how things might start falling apart over time. If the sill, apron, or jamb (the parts where your windows rest) isn't properly supported then this can cause problems with the weight of your actual windows, which isn't good for them at all.

If The Glass Is Bent Then It's Time To Replace Your Windows

If the glass is warped or bent in any way then this is also a sign that you should consider replacing them as well. In many cases when panes warp they will crack, but sometimes if they're old enough then there just isn't much that can be done about it and it's best to just replace them before they start to fall apart any further than they already have.

All of the problems listed above are signs that you should probably think about getting replacement windows. Don't wait until things get worse like cracks or broken glass because it's best to act as soon as possible to fix the problem before it gets even more expensive for you.