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Creative Ways To Refresh Your Home Decor This Season

Each season brings with it its own colors and personality and seasonal décor can make any home seem much more beautiful and comfortable. As we are entering into the season of spring; florals, pastels and vibrant colors are going to be highly sought after for home décor. Here are some creative ways to impart some freshness and vibrancy into your home this season.

Spring Cleaning

No kind of décor is going to look good in an over-cluttered and untidy home. Spring cleaning is important for a reason! Take this opportunity to clean out your closets and storage areas and to thoroughly declutter your home. Get rid of paper waste, clothes you do not wear anymore and even toys and décor your children have outgrown. Spring cleaning can provide a fresh start even for people suffering from anxiety and depression as it can reduce the number of belongings in a person’s life so they can have more room for items that bring them joy and inspiration.

If you struggle to keep your home clean, this can be the home reset you had been waiting for and if you find it hard to find and sustain adequate motivation, then using something like a digital wheel of tasks can be helpful. Every time you run the wheel it will land on one task you need to do that day. Having more long term tasks can also be on the wheel such as redoing certain rooms in the house.

Spring Has Officially Sprung

Indoor plants and foliage are a wonderful way to bring some visual freshness into your space and if they are real they oxygenate your rooms and purify the air. That being said, if you aren’t home enough to keep real plants alive you can always opt for ‘real looking’ plants that do not need much maintenance.

You can hang flowers or plants from pots hanging from the walls or indulge in large planters strategically placed so they play off lamp light and make the room appear even more glorious. Tight spaces like kitchens and bathrooms can benefit from the addition of foliage for design and they can look brighter.

Give Each Room A Centerpiece

When designing the décor of a space, it is tempting to get lost in all the décor items and compromise the natural flow of a room. To overcome a cluttered design vision, try to create a focal point or centrepiece in each room that immediately draws the eye and makes the rest of the décor easy to follow. The centrepiece can be a sizeable art piece like a vase or painting, it can be a choice piece of furniture like a fine vintage table or couch and it can also be a fireplace that is made to stand out.

Some luxury custom homes in Morgantown for example may boast of wonderful vintage furniture that has been restored to look even more beautiful. Sensible customization is really the forte of brilliant interior design as no one wants their home to look just like any other, devoid of that personal touch and sense of style.

Seasonal Touches

Each season has certain colors and textures attached to it. Fall is normally associated with burgundy and burnt orange color palettes with earthy colors and spring may be more floral with lighter colors and fabrics such as silks and chiffons. Consider adding these sort of seasonal touches to your space such as having vases of fresh flowers, changing out carpets and cushions and adding elements like candles and new curtains to complete the look.

Many people keep special seasonal décor in storage so that when that time of year rolls around they can bring out their prized bits such as around Christmas or Easter. Having a sense of what each season means to you and which colors and textures you find cozy and homely can be a good starting point in seasonal décor.

Cozy Elements

Never forget cozy hygge elements in your space and choose the colors and fabrics according to season. If you are choosing cushions then for summer or spring you can choose lighter colors or bright, vibrant ones and for winter you can go with darker and richer colors. For the winter months cozy throw blankets and cable knit cushions are always a sound choice and for the summer months cotton, thin linen, chiffon and silk are your best friends when it comes to fabric choices especially for curtains and tapestries.

Your dining area is one that should really reflect seasonal changes so table cloths, table runners, napkins and so forth should change as the new season rolls around. Your bedroom is another room where seasonal changes can transform the space. Your bed linens, comforters, bedsheets and so forth can welcome spring or summer with open arms and create a rejuvenating vibe.

Light Up Your Day

Lighting plays a huge role so in winter you can have warm, inviting lighting with plenty of lanterns and floor and table lamps. In the summer time however, you can go bold and bright with tons of natural light as well as lighting fixtures. Outdoor lighting can be added so that spring can be enjoyed with a lot of get togethers, BBQs and other friends and family only events. Using a distressed wicker beachy vibe you can have jute or woven lanterns hanging in summers emitting lovely warm white light and you can use galaxy lamps and other more modern lamps to add some magic into the surroundings.

Modern lamps like moon or sunset lamps reflect off the ceiling and induce feelings of tranquillity and a good roofing contractor can keep your roofs in good condition to prevent water damage. As part of a large scale renovation, many people like to knock down a part of the roof and create a skylight for natural light to pass through. Not to mention this adds tremendous value to the house as many luxury custom homes have skylights and similar structural features.


Each season has so much to offer in terms of a color palette and thematic elements so construct a mood board or inspiration board to see which colors and textures you would like to include in your space. Many people feel uplifted by florals and pastels while many others may feel they wash out the surroundings so they may choose brighter, bolder colors to make a statement. Treat each season as an opportunity to make some DIY art projects with friends and family so your seasonal décor is always unique and inspiring.