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How To Redo Your Apartment Without Breaking The Bank

Sometimes we look around ourselves and all we see is the same, the same furniture, the same walls, the same flat, so we just want to get out of this monotony and bring some change to it. Bringing change to your apartment can exactly do what you seek. There are many things that you can do to your flat that will make it look like a completely new one. Some renovations are very expensive but many don’t cost a lot at all. Here are some tips to help you with what you want to do, so consider carefully and then make your decision.

interior of a one bedroom apartment

New Floors

Replacing your floors in the flat brings a new freshness to your flat. This endeavor is quite easy to do, you just need to choose the appropriate one. Once you have chosen what you want, many floors are easy to install yourself, and if you need help, it isn't too expensive to pay someone to do it for you. Keep in mind that light and dark flooring can open your room and make it look bigger. Lighter-colored flooring will complement your furniture. If your floor's lines are parallel to the longest wall, it will make the room appear more spacious. Having the same flooring in each room creates an effect of flowing. Use planks instead of strips, planks will make the apartment seem less busy.


There are a lot of decorating ideas out there, you just need to find the suitable one for you. The appropriate decoration depends on the size of the room. Everything from lamps to the walls can affect the overall space, and also how you feel while living in it. If you want to make the room feel larger, try looking for furniture with eye-catching, decorative legs. Such legs do not allow the eye to stick to the base part of the furniture, instead, the eye keeps going beyond the piece. Look for beds that are not too high, but rather those with short legs since they can cut the room in half. When choosing colors and patterns around your flat, try sticking to similar patterns that you can trace in all parts of the room. Such cohesive parts are very important to make the flat feel more relaxing.

The Kitchen

Many apartments have small and uninspiring kitchens in their apartments. Kitchens can be changed in a variety of ways that will leave you satisfied and glad. The first thing you should consider is to change the look of it, if you have the money, change the tiles and utensils, upgrade the hardware. You should look into adding more storage. You could do something creative to your kitchen with the addition of a mirror, it will attract attention from your visitors, and it will reflect the light around the room.

kitchen showing major appliances, counter space and bar stools

The Walls

The walls are the most obvious part of your house that can be changed. You can renovate it in a variety of ways if you have the time and the funds. Before you intend to do anything with your walls, you need to assess them, to see whether you need to take care of some repairs. You can also test it for humidity, but you will need to hire someone to do it for you, or you can buy special tools to do it yourself. Afterward, you need to properly clean the wall, if there is a white powder on your wall that means that the salt in the wall is precipitated. You need to brush it off with a nylon or iron brush and then, after a few days, you can see whether it's fit for painting. Before you can paint your walls, you need to apply a primer, it will resist alkali and moisture.

The easiest part is to choose fitting paint, try using a color that suits your flat the best. If you want to put wallpaper on, make sure that the surface is properly treated and leveled. The pros of wallpapers are that they come in a variety of styles and patterns and that they are easy to clean. They can be easily removed and a new one can be added.

Renovating your apartment can be a very stressful job, but it will leave you with a sense of happiness and joy. If you don't feel relaxed and satisfied in your flat, a change needs to happen. Nowadays, there are a variety of options that you can choose from, and they are not too expensive. Consider these solutions if you decide to change something, hopefully, it will bring what you want.