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Turkey's Real Estate Boom: A Guide for Travelers Seeking Investment Opportunities

When a potential investor thinks about the advisability of buying property abroad, several questions arise before him. How do we assess the balance of supply and demand? How do we quickly understand the peculiarities of local laws relating to real estate transactions? What is more profitable – the resale of real estate or renting it out? Let's take a deeper look at this issue using the example of investing in real estate in our neighboring Turkey.

Why is it profitable to invest in real estate in Turkey?

This choice of country to buy property for investment in Turkey in 2023 for numerous people is associated with a number of reasons. Thus, in this country, several years ago, there was a significant devaluation of the national currency, the lira. After this, real estate prices are still at local minimums, and there is a likely trend towards significant growth. In general, prices for apartments in Turkey will greatly please an investor with a limited budget. Coastal real estate prices in this country are now on par with Bulgaria and Georgia.

Moreover, such an investment usually brings more income since the tourist sea season in Turkey lasts longer. And, as we have already mentioned, the size of the required investment to enter the market after the devaluation of the lira decreased, according to realtor estimates, by 20-40%. At the same time, a clear upward trend makes it possible to make money not only by renting out apartments to tourists. But also at the most common speculative resale. The cost of residential premises in new complexes about 1 km from the sea can start from 600 euros. According to Turkish real estate experts, the most significant price increases are observed in Istanbul and the Mediterranean coast (Alanya, Antalya).

An investment of $250,000 in Turkish real estate offers the opportunity to take advantage of the immigration program. The country grants citizenship to the investor, his wife or her husband, and minor children.

Due to the development of the construction industry in this country, there is no concept of an apartment "without finishing" or "after the builders" in europenean understanding. For the vast majority of properties, apartments are rented not only with appropriate repairs but also equipped with the necessary furniture and household appliances. This relieves the buyer of a whole array of problems with organizing repair work in a foreign country.

5 reasons to visit Turkey

Sunny Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations. If you haven't decided where to spend your vacation yet, find out the 5 main reasons why our compatriots choose this fantastic country for their vacation.

Visa-free regime

When going on a tourist trip to Turkey, you won't have to waste time and money obtaining entry documents. If you plan to stay in the country for no more than 90 days, you need to register when crossing the border by presenting a passport with an ID card and documents confirming your hotel reservation. By purchasing last-minute tours to Turkey from Europe from BRONIX, you can save significantly on your vacation. When the voucher is in hand, all that remains is to pack your suitcase and go on a trip on X-day.

Clean beaches

Beaches in Turkey - for every taste. Tourists have access to holidays on the coast of the Black, Mediterranean, Marmara, and Aegean seas, clear lagoons, sandy and pebble beaches, and relaxation surrounded by mountain peaks and eucalyptus forests. For cleanliness and amenities, most beaches are marked with the Blue Flag, confirming compliance of sanitary standards with international standards. The most popular destinations are:

  • Antalya;
  • Alanya;
  • Belek;
  • Bodrum;
  • Marmaris;
  • Kemer and other resorts.

Delicious cuisine

Sweets that melt in your mouth, delicious kebabs, aromatic Turkish coffee, fluffy pastries, and other culinary delights of traditional cuisine will give a feast of taste to even the most demanding gourmet. Turkish chefs know a lot about their business. It doesn't matter whether you visit an expensive restaurant or try street fast food; you are guaranteed to get gastronomic pleasure.


If you are more interested in an excursion program, start exploring Turkey from Istanbul. A city with a centuries-old history knows how to surprise a traveler. Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Bosphorus, the famous Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern - this is an incomplete list of the main attractions of the ancient Turkish capital.

No less interesting will be a trip to Demre, where, until the end of the 11th century, a coffin with the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker was kept in the Church of St. Nicholas. Don't forget to visit Goreme National Park in Cappadocia to fly in a hot air balloon, see bizarre stone figures "growing" from the ground, and visit cave churches and monasteries included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Relaxation and spa holiday

Want to reboot? Thermal springs, Turkish hammams, detox centers, and balneological resorts of the country are at your service. Many hotels specialize in rejuvenating, healing, and relaxing procedures. The Turkish bath is especially famous for its famous soap massage, which relieves fatigue and makes the skin incredibly elastic and velvety.

For a more relaxing holiday, resorts offer fishing, sailing on yachts, banana boats, cheesecakes, parachutes, and visits to local bazaars and shopping centers. This is not a complete list of answers to the question “What to see in Turkey.”

Assistance in purchasing real estate in Turkey

The website contains advertisements from local real estate agencies and developers. In the catalog, you can select residential and commercial real estate in popular locations in the country. Specialists are ready to provide advice at all stages of the selection and execution of a transaction.