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Top Protective Gear You Should Get Before Undertaking a DIY House Project

While investing in the right tools and accessories for your next home improvement project, you also need to invest in getting some good safety equipment. Many people underestimate the importance of good safety equipment and you don’t want to realize their significance only after something goes wrong. Good quality safety equipment is not that expensive and will help you protect your most valuable asset, your body.

man using an electric drill


You need to define your DIY project to know what type of gloves to choose. For instance, if you are partaking in small tasks around the house using basic tools, then a standard work glove would suffice. But if you are using power machines and working with dangerous chemicals, there are task-specific gloves you need to look into, as a standard work glove will be about as useful as your bare hands - in other words, useless. Even within a certain protective glove category, there will be different kinds of gloves that provide different levels of protection, so make sure you get something that holds up.

Knee Pads

Working with machines standing upright is tough but so is crawling around the roof to install solar panels or getting on all four to redo your floor tiles. Maybe you are working in your garden and need to be on your knees for a while to plant new seeds or uproot weeds. In these cases, the right padding is essential. The broad selection of knee pads for working in a variety of different situations shows that you can get multiple uses out of one pair. Whether you are outdoors or indoors, you can use knee pads to keep your kneecaps safe. If you already have weak knees or problems with your knees, the last thing you want is to put excessive pressure on them or contribute to the discomfort in any way.


Glasses are a very important safety precaution, especially if you are working with fast-moving equipment or do work that involves bright lights like welding. There are different threats that you need your glasses to protect you from so it will help to do some research to choose the right kind. There are glasses designed to protect from high impact, glasses designed to completely seal your eyes so they are protected from fumes and vapors, and glasses designed to shield you from welding light and welding sparks. This is an area where it would help to have multiple different kinds of glasses since you never know what you might need on that particular day.

Ear Plugs

If you are going to be working in a loud environment then consider getting some ear protection. You can get small earplugs that will fit snugly into the ear or you can opt for overhead ear protection. Small earplugs will be great if portability and ease of storage are high in your requirements.

ear protection on work bench

Before picking out any protective gear, make sure you have defined what works best for the jobs you are undertaking. Also, keep an eye on the condition of the protective gear. For instance, a worn-out pair of earplugs that don't provide sound insulation will be of little use and will only cause more problems. Give your equipment a periodic check and replace anything that looks like it isn't up to the mark anymore. It’s about keeping yourself safe so safety equipment should be your top priority.