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What Are The Advantages Of Building Your Own Pole Barn?

If you are considering building a new barn, shed, or even residential property, then a pole barn might be the right choice for you. This is a very popular choice for agricultural purposes but it can also be used to serve other needs. Today, barndominiums are also becoming common where the barn and the home are connected in one building.

This is commonly done through pole barns. Traditionally, barns were made out of wood, and recently they have been made out of steel sheets. Pole barns are a hybrid option that use traditional styling with modern materials and the result is an excellent structure that can be used for many different purposes. Here are a few reasons why a pole barn can be useful for your next project.

interior of a pole barn

Quick Setup

Making a home or a traditional barn can take months or even years in some cases. There are lots of steps involved in the process and nearly all these things need to be done in a specific sequence.

In contrast to how you can’t start working on the roof till all the necessary work has been done to support the roof itself, pole barns are a bit different because most of the material used is prefabricated and the bulk of the job simply requires putting these things together. If you have the required tools and a bit of time, you can even do this on your own or with a group of friends. In most cases, you can have the barn up and running in just a couple of months.


Since the construction is so simple, it's very easy to build these barns for different purposes. On the same property, you can use this building style to build separate barns for separate functions.

Some people also prefer to build one very big barn with smaller sections inside it that are dedicated to different things. There are a number of companies that specialize in building pole barns and many others that will provide you with pre-made kits for your next pole barn building project. Using these kits and pre-fabricated components helps to speed up the process even further.

Cost Effective

The simplicity of the construction process, the use of economical materials, and the speed of the job mean that making such a building is extremely cost-effective. The cost of the barn depends on a few factors. In most cases, the bare essentials will remain. This includes clearing and preparing the ground, getting the poles, creating doors and windows, and setting up the basic structure. You can design it however you like.

You could install fancy roofing, insulation, interior styling, fixtures and fittings, and many other accessories to customize it to your liking. These extra features are usually where the cost really starts to appreciate. However, if you are after the bare basics, it will be significantly cheaper than any other style of building.


The pole barn is essentially one big building. Inside that building, you can make all kinds of customizations such as having a garage, a place for animals, a living area, storage space, and other things. Moreover, you can customize the outside of the pole barn to serve your needs as well. Generally, there is no limit to what you can and cannot do with the pole barn as long as the overall structure and the ground itself will support that activity.

Easy Maintenance

The simple construction of the pole barn also makes it a breeze to maintain. The cost-effective parts used in the construction mean that just replacing a faulty component, rather than repairing it, is also quite manageable. You won’t even need to hire experts for the job. You can manage most of the maintenance work on your own. The tricky part to maintain is usually the roof. All other parts can easily be maintained on your own.

red barn with metal roof

Generally, people prefer to use some kind of processed wooden material or sheet metal to keep costs down in their pole barn project. These are not only cost-effective, but they are also extremely durable. You can improve durability even further by using higher quality materials and investing a bit more time and energy in the design and construction of the building. If maintained properly and built using the right materials, a pole barn will easily last you several decades. The main thing to watch out for is damage to the construction material such as damage to wood due to pests or rust damage to the metal. Carry out periodic maintenance and the pole barn will serve you for many years to come.