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Know if you have the perfect pot for your plants at home

When the pandemic hit the globe, almost everyone was forced to change their lifestyle. Many stayed at home to protect themselves, and might have continued to do so until now.

This sudden shift enabled people to look for hobbies that they can enjoy in the confines of their homes, one of them being plant care.

If you’re one of those who decided to become a plant parent, read up and see for tips for the best pots you can use for your greenery.

Sizes are a huge factor

You should, of course, consider size first and foremost, especially if you care for indoor plants

If you live in an apartment, getting a pot that’s a size too big will not only take up too much space but might also dwarf the room. It would stand out too much. Similarly if you have a spacious living room, a tiny pot would be unnoticeable and blend into its surroundings.

Indoor plants are mainly cared for their ornamental value -- how it adds beauty to any room in your home -- so choosing the right pot size should be taken seriously.

Pot size also matters when it comes to the variety of plant you care for - are they succulents? Will they grow tall or wide? You can’t buy a pot that’s too deep or too narrow for certain types of plants. They should also be at least an inch wider than the roots.

What material is it made of?

This is mainly for aesthetic purposes. Ceramics look pretty but are breakable, while plastic pots are durable and affordable.

Plastic pots

Plastic pots offer a great variety of choices. They come in an assortment of colours and sizes. They’re sturdy, lightweight, and easy on the pocket. Most stores sell them in bunches so you get a lot already for the price of one.

Ceramic pots

Ceramic pots look beautiful and elegant but unlike plastic ones, they can be quite expensive and can put a serious dent on your pocket. Another thing you should consider is that it is quite delicate and can break easily. If you have children or a pet at home, ceramic pots may not be your best option.

Terracotta pots

Terracotta pots are perfect for succulents and cacti. They’re made of red clay and are extremely porous - it has the ability to absorb water from the soil.

This is a plus if you care for succulents since they can’t be overwatered and need soil to be dry for them to flourish and continue growing.

Hanging baskets

Hanging baskets aren’t for porches or gazebos -- you can use them indoors too! They are perfect space savers and can make any room look chic with a touch of minimalistic style. Hanging baskets can keep not just real plants but also fresh flowers. It’s a unique way to spruce up your home.

Just make sure that nothing is directly underneath it as it might suddenly fall and damage a piece of furniture. You might also get hurt if it accidentally falls on your head.

The takeaway

As you can see, there are a variety of pots that will suit any person’s style or needs. From affordable plastic ones to expensive ceramic pots, the sky’s the limit for your plant care needs.