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3 Electric Cars For Kids Plans

One of these vintage electric cars would be a great gift for any child. Woodworking skills are not required, but a good working knowledge of metal work is a prerequisite.

touring car

This children's classic touring electric car does a safe, quiet 5 miles per hour, has a 12-volt electrical system driving a 12-volt automobile generator which serves as the motor, and carries its own built-in battery charger.

vintage roadster

This children’s electric vintage roadster is driven by an auto starter motor of the type having a built-in reduction gear and is fitted with a foot brake, lever-operated clutch, pneumatic tires and a conventional steering gear.

classic car

This children’s electric car features a black fabric top, leather dashboard straps and gas headlamps, this replica open roadster of the early years of this century, will bring a twinge of nostalgia to grownups and a shriek of delight from the younger set.