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9 Tips To Plan And Prepare For Any Home Renovation Project

Embarking on a home renovation project can be taxing and stressful. With the changes to your home comes a lot of hard work and planning. But with a bit of patience, realistic planning, and paying attention to detail, you can enjoy the experience and manage it without going mad.

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If you’re thinking about starting a renovation project, here are some tips to get you well planned and prepared:

  1. Take Audit of Your Belongings
  2. Whatever part of your home you're planning to renovate, you need to have a list of all your permanent items. Taking stock of your belongings is important for insurance. It's hard to keep track of your home assets without a list or record. Take the renovation as an opportunity to do an audit of your valuables.
  1. Clear Out Trash
  2. Do some thorough cleaning, and clear out anything you think you won't need after the renovations. You could make three piles: one for donations, the other for selling, and the last one for keeping. You could even have a fourth one for hand-me-downs. Doing this can help you declutter your home before the home renovation company begins their work.
  1. Organize Some Good Storage
  2. Everything you keep will have to be safely stored while the renovations are taking place. You could utilize other parts of your home, such as the guest room, basement, or other spare rooms. If there are things you may not need to use for a while, you can organize some hired storage.
  1. Decide Who Should Do It
  2. There are many construction and design companies to choose from. You have to be clear about what sort of renovation you need before you pick the right one. A simple online search for contractors in your locality can be a good starting point.
  1. Consume What You Currently Have
  2. If you're thinking about renovating your kitchen, try to eat the food that would otherwise need to be packed away. If it's the bathroom, on the other hand, try and use up things like your shower gel in advance so you don't have to pack it away. That can help reduce the number of items that need to be packed. This method also avoids wastage.
  1. Update Your Security System
  2. Your house will be vulnerable at some point during a renovation. You will likely work with many different contractors, designers, and delivery people. With many people coming in and out of your home, you could ease your nerves by updating your security system. For this, you can consider the following:
    • Get a home safe to protect your documents and other valuables and small jewelries.
    • Install a video doorbell to monitor people coming in and out while you’re away.
    • Install a smart locking system that can be reprogrammed to give access to contractors for certain periods of time.
    • If your funds permit, you could also install a camera system to monitor people in your home while you're away.

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  1. Document Your Ideas And Contracts
  2. Take some time to put all your ideas on paper or digitally. Have a map of what needs to be done, as well as a time frame. You could use some shared idea boards with your family, designers, and contractors. Organize some contracts for all the contractors working on the project and file any receipts for permanent safekeeping.
  1. Make A Plan For Your Appliances
  2. Renovating your home could mean going without your favorite appliances for a while. This can be an inconvenience, especially if you're working your kitchen. To help you prepare, consider downgrading to the basics. You could organize a mini-fridge, portable convection oven, and other simple necessities to help you go by.
  1. Other Things To Consider
  2. To help you prepare from all angles, here are other things to consider:
    • If you need a place to shower during your bathroom renovation, you could join a gym with shower facilities.
    • For your convenience, adapt your home so has more entryways.
    • Create a safe area for your pets during renovations.
    • Roll up the rugs throughout the house so they remain clean during renovation.
    • Cover your furniture to prevent any dust from settling on it.
    • Use plastic sheets to cover open shelves.
    • For dust control, try to keep the doors to other rooms closed during construction


Renovating your home can be a lot of fun, but only if you’re organized, well prepared, and if you work with the right renovation company. Hopefully, the tips here make your project a breeze. Good luck with your project!