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Best Photo Print Display for Home in 2022

Blue Birch I Wall Art by Julia Purinton

There are various methods of turning your photos into gorgeous displays. You can DIY, customize and turn them into an artistic reflection of your personality.

You can choose the photo prints according to the placement, room, wall, and many other factors. Fortunately, you don't have to leave your single favorite photos as the options are so numerous.

So, let's check out in what ways you can display your photos at home.

The Evergreen Canvas

The canvas is the most artistic and premium way of personalizing your home. You can print any photo on canvas and hang them readily. In addition, the canvas is affordable, durable, and serves as perfect custom wall decor.

Explore custom photo prints online and turn your memories into real ones with canvas. They are available in square, vertical, multipanel, framed prints, and much more.

You can also make a collage, use hexagon canvas, or a wide display for displaying multiple photos. The various options make it one of the best ways for customizing the home.

Frame the Paper Prints

rustic horse wall art

The very traditional method of displaying photo prints is to frame the paper prints. The glass rimmed with a wooden or metallic border looks very classic.

You can print your beloved images in large paper prints. Then, print it through the printer or get it done online and offline and convert it to frames.

DIY Photo Print Hanging

You can use the paper prints in the square, polaroid, and regular patterns for making the hanging. In addition, you can use numerous images to create a custom wall hanging. Let's have a look at some DIY photo hangings.

DIY Photo frames

Create a photo frame by hanging numerous small paper photo prints with thread and clips to the horizontal end of a frame. Pick an old rustic frame, repaint it to create this cute hanging.

DIY Wall Hanging

Create a wall hanging by hanging several polaroid photo prints with string lights to a large wooden log. Then, mix and match various photos to create an illuminating and warm custom photo display.

Metallic Photo Prints

As the name suggests, you can print your precious memories on various types of metal like aluminum. The print stays intact for years and looks bright. The metallic photo prints resist all kinds of wear and tear. The metallic photo prints look good on a gallery wall.

Glass Prints

Make your photos timeless with glass prints. The edgy look is very sophisticated and gorgeous. You can make a collage, write custom messages, and much more to create a striking display.

Acrylic Photo Prints

The plexiglass, also known as acrylic, looks very lavish and classy. The image is directly printed on acrylic and looks magnificent. It's a costlier option and looks pretty professional.

Wooden Photo Prints

This technique uses a wooden panel and logs for printing your image. It's totally rustic and very retro. It's an out of box option for personalizing your home decor.

Personalized Calendar

A personalized calendar with some random clicks, scenic view from your previous travels looks mesmerizing. You can customize each month with a striking image. It's an efficient way of customizing the home.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

NY City at Sunset wall art

Some frequently asked questions wander in everyone's mind. So let's check them out:

How to Choose Your Photos for Photo Prints?

The thumb rule is to retouch your photos in famous photo editing softwares. You must check the image for resolution, pixels, and quality. You can get it done in local stores.

So, pick pictures with good resolution for large display prints. For average quality photos, you can choose small images like custom canvas collages.

So, you need to prepare the pictures for the process by sorting them all out. Then, divide them according to the type of display and placement.

How to Hang Your Custom Wall Arts Correctly?

  • Hang wall arts that cover sixty to seventy-five percent of the wall for a large wall.
  • While mounting the wall art over a piece of furniture, make sure it covers two-thirds or three-fourths of the furniture.
  • Hang your wall arts at eye level. The average height is 57 inches from the ground to the center of the wall art.
  • Hang your custom wall arts at 150 cms above each of the staircases.
  • Ensure proper spacing between numerous wall arts. Two to four inches is sufficient and makes sure it's the same for every piece.
  • Also, make sure you leave six to twelve inches of gap between the top of furniture and the bottom of photo prints for an enhanced look.

Let's Wrap it

Now, when you're aware of various photo print display ideas, try them. Pick your favorite ones, shortlist the photos and personalize your home accordingly.

Personalization makes you respect your place and gives a feeling of home. Fortunately, there are so many photo prints of customizable items for the home. Explore the array of such comprehensive customization and create what looks best in your home.