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8 Tips to a Better Pantry

A disorganized kitchen portrays a bad picture of you as the house owner. Having groceries, spices and grains laid all over removes your unit's classy touch. The organization is proving difficult; you've been trying for a long time but don't seem to get it right; even after buying organizers, including over the door spice rack, you still can't get it. Worry no more; here are a few tips to help you organize your pantry.

  1. First, clear the pantry
  2. Clearing and cleaning your pantry will help you have a better organizational plan. This will help you make a mental note of the items you don't need anymore, expired products, and similar products that serve the same purpose. This will also help you determine the amount of space you have and help you maximize its use and ease of sorting and grouping.
  1. Categorize into groups
  2. Having everything laid out in front of you, you can easily group them according to groups; items that serve the same purpose can be placed in one specific location, for instance, those used in baking or spices. This will make everything easily accessible and save time when needed.
  1. Maximize on clear containers with labels
  2. Using colored bags or containers makes your pantry look old school. Remove those materials from your pantry and replace them with clear containers and bins. Bins come in all sizes that ensure everything fits. Labeling them makes it easier to trace where to place every item when you have them in bulk or where to get a thing when you need it.
  1. Make it an exclusive food spot
  2. Having other items apart from food in your pantry makes you have limited space and need more organization. Always remove utensils and cookware from your pantry, and place them in other areas. You can use extra space on walls and doors to place hooks to hang your aprons and coats with cookware where applicable.
  1. Make everything accessible to everyone
  2. No one understands your kitchen better than you; reorganizing your kitchen based on your family's needs is best. Placing frequently used items closer will make your kitchen life simpler.
  1. Cut on your purchases
  2. You might be out shopping, and everything looks appealing to the eye. It's always best to buy what you need and utilize what you have. An overstocked pantry destroys your organization's aim. It’s best to exhaust your pantry to get room to refill it once again.
  1. Organize on a budget
  2. You want to throw away those old bags and substitute them with transparent containers. Buying new containers is one of many options; you can reuse containers of products you are using and remember to create a difference by labeling them.
  1. Ensure to utilize available space
  2. Utilizing all the space in your pantry makes it look nice. While doing this, ensure that your containers are sealed to avoid spillage that could lead to smell and infestation by pests.

Constantly revisit your arrangement to gauge if you have achieved what you desired and if your family has picked on the new format. You can always use additional materials to save space, including over the door spice rack. These tips will help make your kitchen attractive.