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Understanding Paneling

Paneling has come along way since it was first introduced in the early 60's. Where paneling was once considered to be the inexpensive way to finish walls in a basement, recent improvements in quality and additions to design have made paneling available in high quality hardwoods.

Installing paneling is a project that any home handy person should be able to accomplish. It does not require a lot of fancy, unique or expensive woodworking power tools and in fact in the vast majority of cases paneling can be installed using basic hand tools.

Paneling does not have to cover an entire wall surface and in fact the types of wall paneling currently available provide the homeowner with the ability to use it as a functional as well as a decorative finishing material.

Traditional paneling is sold in 4 x 8 foot sheets in varying thicknesses. However, paneling is now available as boards that lock together in a tongue and groove fashion, in a similar manner to hardwood flooring.

Consider that wall paneling is available as:

room done in bead board paneling

ready to paint bead board

Ready to paint, bead board adds texture and visual appeal to a room.

green chalk board used in room

green chalk board

Green chalk board panels provide an erasable surface.

decorative wall panels

decorative wall panel

Decorative finish wall panels.

white board panel used in a kitchen

white board

Dry erase wall panels provide the perfect surface for writing quick notes and messages.

peg board used in kitchen

peg board

Traditional peg board can be used in a number of rooms for organizing everything.

wainscot used in family room


Wainscot is an excellent method to decorate any room in the home.

simulated wood paneling used in kitchen

simulated wood paneling

Available in a wide variety of wood grains, colors and with and without V grooves

paneling in office

leather look paneling

Paneling is now available with a number of different finishes including leather.

The aforementioned are only a few of the many paneling variations that are currently available in the market.

The finished result, of a paneling project is only limited by your creativity and imagination. In many cases the trim and moldings used to finish the project also enhance the overall project's appearance.

old barn lumber paneling

Wood paneling made from old barn lumber.

white pine inlay panel

White pine wainscot inlay panel