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Consider The Environment When You Paint

Think Green

When we say; "think green" we are not talking about the color of the paint that you are planning to use on your kitchen walls!

A "green" remodel is an environmentally friendly approach to any home renovation project. Thinking green not only improves the look of your home but it is a healthier home with less maintenance and lower utility costs. Plus you are contributing to a making our planet a better place for future generations.

As with all remodel projects, good planning is the key to success and cost efficiencies. If you plan green, you will obtain a wide range of additional benefits that include, comfort and convenience coupled with beauty and efficiency and all of these will be structured on environmentally sound conservation policies with a view to increasing the health of you and your family.

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Most people when tackling a painting project go to the paint store and collect a quantity of color swatches, go home and concentrate their decision on what paint to buy based on color. Little consideration is given to the type of paint, its gloss factor and to the surface preparation, all of which must be taken into account if you expect to end up with a quality finish. A professional painter will tell you that more than half of the time required on a painting project is used for surface preparation, primarily cleaning. Paints do not adhere well to dirt, dust and grime.

In thinking green you must consider the entire project from initial surface preparation to the final paint coat.

Often in order to clean the surface a simple solution of soap and water will remove all of the dirt and grime. For greasy areas increase the soap to water proportion. If your surfaces require something stronger look for the least toxic and choose a cleanser that in non-chlorinated and non-acid. Avoid cleaners with hazard warning labels such as “Poison” or “Danger”.

If sanding is necessary wear a dust mask, and eye protection.