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Top 10 house-maintenance mistakes to avoid in Marina Living in Dubai

Marina Living in Dubai Marina is an apartment complex under construction, scheduled for completion in 2025. However, foreign buyers can explore the residences for sale right now. All residences are fully equipped with necessary appliances and boast of stylish design. As there are people who prefer to live in their unique design adding an individual touch, they can plan renovation even at the stage of construction. Renovating an apartment in Marina Living in Dubai is a complex undertaking that can turn into a real nightmare if all the nuances are not considered. For many homeowners in Dubai, it can be one of life's toughest challenges, but should you get frightened by difficulties? Of course, not.

We've prepared for you a list of the 10 most common mistakes homeowners make when renovating housing in Dubai. Avoiding these flaws will help to keep your budget and sanity intact.

  1. Not planning ahead
  2. Before you start a renovation, you need to think well about all the details of the project. Estimate a budget, choose a contractor, and build a work plan. Only after that can you start the renovation.
  3. Make a list of the features you do not like the most in the residence and give it a makeover first. It is advisable to
  1. Don't update the electrics
  2. This is one of the most important parts of the renovation. Make sure the electrical supply in the apartment is updated to avoid future electrical problems.
  1. Don't consider the size of the apartment
  2. Before you buy materials, make sure you know the size of the apartment and how many materials you need. This will avoid a shortage or surplus of materials.
  1. Not choosing the right lighting
  2. Lighting is a key factor in creating a cozy and comfortable apartment environment. Choose lighting fixtures that fit your needs and style.
  1. Don't choose the right style of renovation
  2. Make sure the style of renovation you choose fits your needs and tastes. Otherwise, you may run into problems in the future.
  3. There can be no unified interior suitable for each accommodation. You have to start with the individual person and family and their preferences and lifestyles. Some people live at a frantic pace, come home to sleep and hardly ever cook for themselves. Such a person needs a comfortable bedroom, dressing room and possibly a study, but the kitchen and dining area to assign a minimum area. If you have a large family with a tradition of gathering around a bountiful table, be sure to allocate the main area under the living and dining room and carefully think of places for kitchen storage.
  1. Don't consider your neighbours
  2. Renovations can be very noisy and disturb your neighbours. Make sure you notify them in advance and apologize for the temporary inconvenience.
  1. Don't choose the right materials
  2. Choose materials that fit your needs and budget. But don't skimp on quality because it can lead to problems in the future.
  3. Buy the finishing materials yourself or with a designer. Do not trust the builders with this choice. This way you are sure of the quality and quantity of the purchased material and can negotiate a discount.
  1. Don't install carpeting
  2. Carpeting can create extra coziness and comfort in an apartment. Do not forget about this element of the renovation.
  3. Carpeting is an optional feature. There are several obvious benefits of such a covering:
    • Additional sound-proofing.
    • Warm and soft floor.
    • Reduced risks of injuries (if there are kids in the family).
    • Simplicity of assembling.
    • Cozy atmosphere.
    • Ability to trap fine debris.
    • Affordable cost.
  4. Some of the drawbacks:
    • Difficulties in maintenance.
    • Necessity to change the coverage in case of small damage.
    • Unnaturalness of budget coatings.
  1. Don't plan for furniture after the renovation
  2. Before you buy furniture, make sure it matches the style of the renovation. Otherwise, it can spoil the interior. Look through the pictures on the Internet, choose the desired configuration and determine the necessary types of furniture.
  1. Don't choose the right contractor
  2. Choose a contractor who is familiar with local laws and regulations. Only then you can avoid many problems in the future. The specialists with an extensive experience will be successful in:
    • Quality of work. The right contractor guarantees high quality and a professional approach to the execution of repairs.
    • Compliance with deadlines. The contractor will professionally organize the work process, which will allow the repair to be completed on time.
    • Compliance with standards. The repair must comply with certain norms, rules and standards. A contractor with the appropriate permits ensures the correctness of the work.
    • Saving time and money. The right contractor will help prevent mistakes and non-standard situations, which will save time and money.
    • Guarantees. When choosing any contractor, you should inquire about guarantees for the work performed and the availability of insurance.

The results

Ax Capital can provide full support at all stages of the transaction, including preparation of documents, processing credit, execution of legal procedures, etc., which simplifies the process of buying a home in Marina Living in Dubai for foreign nationals.

In conclusion, it should be noted that renovating an apartment in Marina Living in Dubai can be a difficult and complex process. But if you properly think through all the details, pay attention to every tiny feature, the result will not make you disappointed.