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How Log Splitters Can Help During The Winter Months

Using an axe for splitting logs has been the traditional way of doing it since ancient times. This task requires enormous amounts of energy, time, and brawn. With the rapid rise of technology however, log splitters have been developed to replace the old traditional axe for splitting wood.

What Are Log Splitters?

Log splitters are machines specifically designed for wood splitting without exerting too much effort compared to the traditional axe wood splitting. It is popularly used for stocking up firewood to be used for various purposes and especially for the winter season with minimal effort, time, and money. The power source to operate the machine can be electric, manual, or gas depending on its type. It utilizes hydraulic systems to provide strong pressure suitable for different types of log splitting jobs.

Winter Approaching? Get A Log Splitter

Whether they’re manual, electric, or gas log splitters, the benefits will not be too diverse from each other. Aside from making firewood cutting much easier, there are other exemplary benefits you may gain by using a log splitter, especially in the winter season. Here are some of them:

  • Saves a lot of time

Making firewood with an axe consumes a considerable amount of time and energy. To make firewood that can fit a fireplace or furnace, you will need to cut a certain piece of wood several times. But with a log splitter, this process will be eliminated which saves a lot of time. The electric and gas log splitter are on the faster end in terms of speed. Although the manual type lags behind considerably from its counterparts, it is relatively faster compared to manual wood hacking with an axe.

  • Reducing the work by a hundred-fold

There’s a lot of energy and work involved when using an axe to make firewood. And as people get tired, the output will be much smaller in numbers compared when they just started off. With a log splitter, you just need to load the rounded size needed on the machine and it will be coming out as ready to use firewood. The log splitter will do the work for you while saving your energy for other tasks you may want to accomplish.

  • More output in a shorter period of time

As stated above, the rate of output declines as time passes by when doing manual axe hacking. A five-hour work period will only produce firewood which may be for 2 to 3 days. Having a log splitter will produce a much higher yield of firewood in just a short period of time. A five-hour work period using a log splitter can produce firewood which lasts for a couple of weeks up to a month. Log splitter will greatly help in stocking up firewood for personal use especially in the winter season when going out is hard and may be dangerous in some places.

  • Saves you money

The log splitter will help you save money in many ways. For one, you won't be buying ready to use firewood which are relatively high in price especially in the peak season like winter. The second one is you will be using less electricity for maintaining warm temperature in your home because you will be using the firewood on your fireplace instead of your HVAC which consumes a lot of electricity during cold and winter days. Lastly, you will be able to avoid additional taxes in your electrical bill and other heat-giving stuff you may purchase to battle the winter. You will see that amount of money you invested in buying a log splitter will be the practical and economical choice in just a short period of time.

It is also more environment-friendly to use firewood instead of HVAC and other electrical cooling or heating system because the CFC and greenhouse gases produced by these appliances or systems are really high compared to burning firewood.

  • Portable and easy to store

The log splitters are designed to be compact and easy to transport. Most log splitters are designed with wheels and can be easily towed with any vehicle. If you have multiple houses or farms that need a decent amount of firewood, you can just drive there with your log splitter. Some people rent it out to others who need its’ firewood making power for some cash. It is very easy to transport and uses a relatively small amount of space for its storage.


The days of using an axe to chop firewood will be gone, thanks to the log splitter. It is more convenient and saves a lot of time and energy in producing firewood especially in the winter. With the other benefits mentioned above, log splitters are becoming more popular and have a rising demand in the market. If you want to make your life easy and convenient, get a log splitter now to aid you in your firewood making job.