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Safety & Security Lighting

Install lights on either side of all doorways and above so that the steps, door, house number and lock can be easily seen.

pathway lighting

Pathway lighting

When entertaining family and friends at home, lighting for safety and security is always a priority. Keep these tips in mind as you consider how best to protect your home – and your guests – from accidents and crime.

Brighten up driveway and walkway lighting with halogen and halogen crystal bulbs, floodlights or spotlights. Perfect for outdoor fixtures, they emit a bright sparkling light that lasts three times longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs

outdoor security lighting

Outdoor security lighting

Illuminate steps so guests can navigate their way safely. Try lining pathways and steps with low-voltage halogen walkway lighting. They’re easier to install than line voltage lights because wires don’t have to be buried as deeply. In the winter you’ll want to pay special attention to places where rain and ice accumulates on sidewalks and walkways.

To better identify visitors, try compact fluorescent or long life bulbs in overhead or house-mounted lighting fixtures. Avoid direct glare on the person visiting and be sensitive to how glare affect neighbors across the street.

Use landscape and ever-mounted flood lamps to light out to the perimeter of the property, making sure not to light any of your neighbor’s property. Consider installing an easy-to-reach switch for instant light.

outdoor flush mount light

Outdoor flush mount light

Light paths evenly by overlapping the patterns of light. Sharp contrasts between dark and light can confuse or disorient your guests.

To reduce glare, position lighting from the side or end of your pool from which it is most often viewed. Use a dimmer to either soften or brighten lighting for appearance or safety.

Selection of outdoor security lights.