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Indoor Lighting

Light, it is a key to the way we function day-to-day. It affects our mood, it tells us when to wake and when to go to bed, it is an external clock that automatically triggers our minds. It defines an ambience, it highlights, makes plants grow and can create an atmosphere of warmth. Lighting says a lot, it can make guests feel welcome and heighten a romantic interlude. It sets the stage for entertainment and has the ability to direct your attention. It provides security and a sense of piece and calm. People may fear the dark, but no one fears the light.

chandelier light fixture

Figure 1 - Chandelier light fixture

There are very few investments that you can make to your house, that will make more of a difference to whether it provides a feeling of home.

Light fixtures and lamps, because the ultimate effect is a combination of both, have been designed to specifically suit each and every room, every closet, cupboard, hallway and stairwell, in a home and in every style and finish that one can possibly imagine. They have been designed to provide functionality as well aesthetics.

There are four basic types of lighting, designed to provide flexibility in style and function. As with any design, it is important to create a lighting design for a room before you purchase.

ambient lighting

Figure 2 - Ambient light fixture

Ambient Lighting:

Figure 2 shows a common ambient light fixture. Ambient lighting is the basic lighting in a room that provides its level of illumination. It is this lighting that allows you to see and traverse the space safely.

task lighting

Figure 3 - Task style light fixture

Task Lighting:

Task lighting is provided, as the name implies, to allow you to perform a specific task or activity. Task lighting is generally focused on one particular place, over a chair for lighting (Figure 3), over a work table (Figure 4), kitchen counters and bathroom mirrors are areas where task lighting is utilized within a home.

accent lighting

Figure 4 - Task style light fixture

Accent Lighting:

Accent lighting is used to focus attention. They are used in curio cabinets to highlight collectables, above paintings to bring out an artists technique and colors and directed on walls and ceilings to create a mood.

Decorative Lighting:

Decorative lighting where the fixture itself provides an element within a room in the same manner as a painting, carpet of furniture grouping. The most common decorative lighting are chandeliers, as shown in Figure 1 and candles.

By combining the four basic types you can define any room and create an appropriate message!