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How to Level Uneven Concrete Surface

There are several ways in which the concrete level can be increased; some methods require more physical work than others, and each technique tends to be less successful than the last. Hydraulic concrete leveling can be done with the help of hydraulic excavators, and concrete leveling can be done on newly poured slabs using a hydraulic trowel.

Slab jacking for Foundation Repair

The process consists of simply placing a piece of plywood or wood directly below the damaged area. The plywood or timber will serve as a foundation for the repaired area and help keep the concrete slab level. Before you start the jacking repair method, you should ensure that you have placed an absorbent mat beneath the damaged area to prevent moisture from entering the damaged area and soaking up the repaired area.


Mudjacking takes a lot of time and energy. Some foundation repair contractors have started relying on poly jacking. It is a quick method and requires less time for a cure. Polyurethane foam is injected after digging holes in the affected surface. The reaction of two compounds in this injection will raise the uneven surface to its previous height. Although it is an expensive repair option, it works excellent and lifts the concave surface to a great extent. Besides, this material can be applied to a surface that is uneven due to excess moisture issues. Polyurethane can handle water and expand. Therefore foundation repair contractors prefer using it to cement slurry.

Sidewalk finishing

Maintaining your home's sidewalk is your responsibility, as an uneven surface looks unsightly and poses trip hazards. To address this, it is advisable to hire concrete lifting experts for sidewalk finishing services. They will adjust the level of the sidewalk according to the area's specific needs.

The repair process begins with a thorough cleaning using a 3/8 pressure washer hose. This step is crucial as it not only clears the surface of debris and dirt but also enhances the adherence of repair materials. By revealing any underlying issues that could later complicate the sidewalk's condition, this step ensures that the repair is comprehensive and long-lasting, giving you confidence in the service.

Additionally, equipment like trowels, skid steers, and level heads are employed for this type of job. These are particularly effective in smaller areas where large machines might be excessively costly and unnecessary.

Using a Sump Pump For Driveway Repair

One of the most common methods used for repairing damaged concrete surfaces involves using a sump pump. If your driveway is often flooded with water, you can opt for this solution. The pump is placed directly beneath the affected area, and it removes the excess water that might have gotten trapped in the damaged area.

The sump pump can either be operated using electricity or by hand. Most homeowners prefer the electric pump since it is easier to install and also safer. Concrete sump pumps are often used by homeowners when they have poured concrete slabs, and they are the ideal solution for repairing damaged driveways that have sunken into the ground.

As soon as you notice uneven concrete in your driveway or sidewalk area, you should contact foundation repair contractors Columbia. They can offer you the best solutions based on your problem. You can go mudjacking when you don’t mind waiting. As far as a quick solution is concerned, poly jacking is the ultimate fix.