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Lawn and Garden Tools

Many homeowners aspire to have an evergreen well-maintained lawn as well as a beautiful garden. Achieving this feat is now possible with a choice set of tools to fix bits and pieces of the lawn or garden (Figure 1). However, homeowners have to be careful as regards what tools they buy and how they take care of them so they can not only last their entire lifespan but also prove to be effective companions in their quest for a lawn and garden that will be the envy of your visitors.

Garden tool set

Figure 1 - Garden tool set

The choice of garden tools users buy usually depends on whether they want to start a garden from scratch or to maintain an existing one. Planting garden is a long process considered quite demanding in some quarters and will put a considerable workload on your shoulders in terms of selecting and buying appropriate tools.

The tools homeowners buy will depend on the type of soil, how hard or soft the ground is as well as the size of the envisaged garden. A very big garden for instance may require that you employ the use of some machines rather than simple tools.

Navigating swampy soils call upon you to use a hoe, a rake in addition to a spade and a garden fork. Soft loamy soils will only require a garden hoe while a hard surface may call for a plough to be used in cultivating the ground.

If the area garden owners intend to plant their garden is covered by vegetation, then they will have to use axes, machetes as well as slashes to clear the way. Owners will use most of these tolls when planting their garden, as they are important in preparing the soil. When the garden is growing, you will need a few simple tools such as garden shears, a watering can, spading fork and garden hoe. Tree pruners or even saws may be required as the garden increases in size and space.

Compared to keeping a garden, managing a lawn can just be as quite tricky. However, the tools used differ especially after the lawn is already laid. Since the major maintenance procedures that homeowners are likely to carry out on their lawns will include weeding, spraying, cutting, and watering the lawn, most of the tools needed, will be tied around these activities.

Some of the tools that will come in handy during these activities include bulb planters, weed planters, poop scooper, lawn aerator, and Step edger. One will need to water the lawns frequently especially during seasons when rains fall short. Fertilizer spreaders will be required during the laying as well as maintenance purposes. To keep the grass at an appropriate and uniform level one will need to find a perfect lawn mower.

Even after acquiring lawn and garden tools, one will need to take good care of them so they can be effective during their entire lifespan. Manufacturer's instructions will be vital in keeping them safe. In addition, they will have to be stored devoid of any moisture, which may lead to rusting. Power cords, parts and casings if any should be checked regularly for any defects that may result in accidents or failure.