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Landscaping Your Home

Very little can change a house to a home more than landscaping. A well landscaped property adds value while providing an outdoor living space, rather than an area that needs to be looked after.

First impressions are so important and quality landscaping provides the ultimate first impression as shown in Figure 1.

Front of home with exceptional landscaping

Figure 1 - Front of home with exceptional landscaping

As with any home renovation to create landscaping that works for the occupants of the home and adds value to the property requires a lot of thought and proper planning.

Patio furniture can highlight a landscape or garden

Figure 2 - Patio furniture can highlight a landscape or garden

The biggest mistake that most homeowners make when creating a new landscape for their home is working on small sections each and every year without having an overall concept of what they are attempting to accomplish.

Working on small sections each year is fine, its not having an overall landscape concept that creates added expense and can lead to a landscape that is very piece meal.

Additional information on planning a landscape

Additional information on gardening and landscaping

With the proper placement of garden furniture you can create the perfect environment for those spring, summer and fall days.

Creativity is one of the keys to exceptional landscaping, it means blending the natural terrain into an overall plan. Landscape features generally work more effectively if they are curved, less harsh and have rounded shapes rather than squares, rectangles and triangles as their defining features.

Figures 3, shows a curved walkway beside a home. The walkway meanders rather than going in a straight line an as well the paving stones and rock steps are of different sizes. The plant beds rise slowly towards the house, which allows for good drainage. Note, the stones that have been placed in the tree beds to continue the relationship of the walkway.

Paving stone walkway beside home.

Figure 3 - Paving stone walkway beside home.

Figure 4 utilizes stone steps integrating a unique set of areas, plant beds, for planting low height plants, topped with some large urns at the step summit. The steps have a curved face and angle inwards as they go up.

Curved stone steps double as plant beds

Figure 4 - Curved stone steps double as plant beds

In Figure 5 you can see the use of curves and how it softens the overall landscape feeling. The raised flower bed is curved as is the deck outline defining it.

Soft curves highlight a raised garden bed.

Figure 5 - Soft curves highlight a raised garden bed.

Dealing with a highly reputable seed and nursery supplier is an important part of your landscaping needs. Make friends with one of the senior sales people at the nursery and use their expertise when choosing plants, shrubs, bushes and trees.

Adding specialty outdoor items can make the difference between a me too landscaping project and the envy to the street. Statues, ornaments, arbors and gazebos can highlight any landscape.

Inexpensive 3D software is now available to help plan the perfect landscaping for any home.

Professional landscape architects and designers are taking advantage of 3D software to see the finished project before the first piece of sod is laid or removed.

But, the new 3D software packages are designed to be used by the homeowner, no training is needed. Just click and drop in walls, steps, trees, shrubs and driveways. Change colors, and shapes and see what the landscape will look like when the plants, trees and shrubs are 10 years old!

A brief demo is available, just click on the image on the right.

Additional information on 3D software packages.