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Environmentally Conscious Landscaping:

Think Green:

When we say; "think green" we are not talking about the color of the pressure treated lumber that you will use for the deck in your landscaping project nor are we talking about making sure that your grass and plants grow well!

A "green" remodel is an environmentally friendly approach to any home renovation project. Thinking green not only improves the look of your home but it is a healthier home with less maintenance and lower utility costs. Plus you are contributing to a making our planet a better place for future generations.

As with all landscaping projects, good planning is the key to success and cost efficiencies. If you plan green, you will obtain a wide range of additional benefits that include, comfort and convenience coupled with beauty and efficiency and all of these will be structured on environmentally sound conservation policies with a view to increasing the health of you and your family.

Every landscaping project is made up of two aspects – installation and maintenance. If you only consider the initial installation and not the ongoing maintenance you are not "thinking green". Always choose products and materials that have low levels of toxicity initially and require minimal maintenance in the future.

Consider the overall ecological impact of the landscaping plan. Does your plan:

  • Absorb, or retain storm water or will it create run-off?
  • Conserve water, use drip irrigation techniques?
  • Utilize materials and products that contain toxins that will leach into the ground, water table or air?
  • Utilize materials and products made of recycled materials?
  • Utilize materials that are harmless to the environment when disposed of?
  • Require a lot of maintenance?

As an example, the use of landscaping fabric to control the growth of weeds and grasses in gardens, decks, walkways and patios will increase the initial cost of the project. But in the long term you are avoiding the use of costly toxic materials and the time and effort involved in removing the unwanted plant growth.

When considering the cost of your project include future maintenance. A lot of products can have a lower initial cost but if maintenance is included and projected over the expected life of the item it may actually cost a lot more. In landscaping projects, products and materials usually have to stand up to extreme environmental conditions. From extreme swings in temperature to the sun’s UV rays, ice, rain, wind and snow are all factors that must be considered when choosing materials and products to complete your landscaping project.