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Kitchen Cabinets


Standard Stock Sizes

If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen and you are going to install stock kitchen cabinets. It is important to know the standard sizes of base kitchen cabinets that are normally available from most manufactures.

kitchen base cabinet
Figure 1 - Kitchen base cabinet

Note: Stock base kitchen cabinets are cabinets that have been built prior to order. Custom kitchen cabinets are built to order and can be manufactured to any size.

Why is it important to know the standard stock sizes of base kitchen cabinets?

When you do your kitchen remodel design and are using stock base kitchen cabinets, you must design the cabinet layout so that you can fit standard stock size cabinets in the allocated spaces.

Table 1 provides the most common standard stock base kitchen cabinets, as shown in Figure 1.

Note: Not all manufactures make all of the base kitchen cabinet sizes and some manufactures may have sizes that are not listed. Always check with the manufacture to ensure that the size you require is listed as one of the items in their standard stock base cabinet size list.

Stock base cabinets are usually 24 inches deep and 35 1/2 inches high.

Note: Depending on the manufacturer some base cabinets will have cabinet doors and a drawer, while others will only have cabinet doors. Cabinets with drawers are more expensive than an equivalent cabinet that only has a cabinet door. Sink base cabinets do not have drawers. If you are installing an electric or gas cooktop range, I recommend using a sink base cabinet to house the cooktop unit.

Table 1 - Most Common Standard Stock Base Cabinets

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