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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

If a homeowner wants to create a new look and add some additional conveniences in their kitchen without the expense and heart ache that can be part of a total kitchen remodeling project, they can consider changing their cabinet hardware.

kitchen cabinet door pull with backplate
Figure 1 - Kitchen cabinet door pull with back plate

Those homeowners who are considering changing their kitchen cabinets will also have to consider what cabinet hardware to purchase. Most of today’s cabinets come with hinges but few come with door pulls, back plates (Figure 1) or drawer knobs.

Kitchen cabinet hardware can be broken down into four primary headings:

  1. Kitchen Cabinet Pulls:
  2. Pulls include door and drawer handles and knobs. They are available in a multitude of materials including wood, metal, glass, plastic, and ceramic, which provide the homeowner with a multitude of possible decorating themes.

    A modern theme can be developed with the use of stainless steel bar pulls. They are available in lengths from two inches to 16 inches. Stainless steel knobs come in a variety of diameters from 3/4 inch up to two inch in 1/4 inch increments.

Wood kitchen cabinet knobs
Figure 2 - Wood kitchen cabinet knobs
Wood kitchen cabinet pull
Figure 3 - Wood kitchen cabinet pull

    With many homeowners opting for stainless steel or stainless steel appearance appliances, stainless steel cabinet hardware can visually merge the cabinets with the appliances.

    For a more conservative look, the homeowner can choose polished brass, antique bronze, nickel, or satin nickel pulls and knobs. The selection of shapes and sizes fills many pages of catalogues and if you are an online shopper, you can spend hours trying to decide on exactly what would be perfect for your kitchen.

    If you prefer a rustic look, the homeowner can choose from a selection of wood knobs (Figure 2) and pulls (Figure 3). There isn’t quite as much choice in the wood pulls and knobs as there is with metal products, but the variety for the homeowner who is looking for that theme should be sufficient to find the right match.

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    Glass (Figure 4) and ceramic drawer knobs can provide a contemporary but elegant look, providing they are not overpowering in size.

Glass kitchen cabinet drawer knobs
Figure 4 - Glass kitchen cabinet drawer knobs
  1. Kitchen Cabinet Hinges:
Euro style invisible kitchen cabinet hinge
Figure 5 - Euro style invisible kitchen cabinet hinge

    With hinges you are confined to metal materials, chrome, nickel, or stainless steel. However, there are many choices in the appearance and function on the hinge. Hinges can be visible on both the frame and the door, visible only on the frame and mount to the backside of the door, have only the joint of the hinge visible between the frame and the door or they can be completely invisible, Figure 5. The completely invisible hinges were developed in Europe and are called euro-hinges by the trade, although they are manufactured throughout the world.

    Some hinges will automatically shut the cupboard door once it is less than 25 to 33% closed and hold it tight against the cabinet frame. Most of the euro-hinges work in this manner.

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  1. Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Slides:
  2. Drawers can slide on a wood slat in the center, beneath the drawer, they can slide on two wood rails on the side of the drawer, or they can be mounted using metal drawer slides.

    The use of wood slides either beneath or on the sides of the drawer, do not allow the drawer to open its full depth. Because the drawer weight sits directly on the slide, the drawer can be difficult to open.

    Metal slides will make the drawer easier to open and close and some will allow the drawer to open its full depth. The better metal drawer slides - ball bearing full extension drawer slides operate on ball bearings, making the movement of the drawer literally friction free.

decorative cabinet latch
Figure 6 - Decorative cabinet latch
  1. Accessories:
  2. There are numerous door cabinet hardware accessories and depending on your original choice of hardware some may be advantageous. Some of the accessories include door bumpers, which prevent the cupboard door from slamming shut. Magnetic or spring catches can be added on the inside of the door and doorframe to keep the door closed. Latches (Figure 6) can be added for decorative purposes or to prevent children from having access.

    The cabinet hardware will make a big difference to the look of the cabinets and the overall look of the kitchen. It is important that you spend some time to consider your options.