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It’s time to bid farewell to all-white kitchens and welcome boldness

Kitchen trends have come and gone over the years, with multiple colour tones, trendy materials, and unique decorations. While functionality is always in everyone’s mind when designing a kitchen, looks are also important, even if they’re constantly changing.

Among the outdated kitchen designs, we can recollect the mismatched appliances and wasted space, but kitschy shades of red might also come to mind. Hence, obsolete kitchens have a logistic issue, whereas modern ones take advantage of all the space and resources for the products and units to blend in together beautifully.

For many years, all-white kitchens were in style, as they gave off a clean look and could be considered minimalistic for everyone. Still, as trends changed, white became pretty dull and unwelcoming, especially when compared with kitchens that integrate nature beautifully or those with warmer shades of orange and blue.

So, we can say that all-white kitchens are to be forgotten. But how do we create a lively kitchen, then?

kitchen with green cabinets

Pros and cons of white kitchens

Of course, if they’re out of style, that doesn’t mean they’re not feasible in some instances. White kitchens are affordable, versatile and easy to maintain. At the same time, they’re great for smaller spaces as the white reflects the light, making the impression of a larger kitchen.

However, some appliances or units can get discoloured over time, and they cannot always be integrated into different designs, such as traditional looks, as white goes better with modern looks. On the other hand, white and contemporary kitchens tend to be impersonal and cold-eyed.

So, what’s better than all-white?

All-white kitchens might go out of style according to 2024 modern kitchen trends, mostly because people are getting more creative with their spaces as a way to improve their lifestyles. The idea that the surrounding spaces affect our mental health has been spread around more recently, addressing how shades like green make us feel calmer, while yellow and red make staying in a room more enjoyable compared to grey or brown.

Homeowners want their spaces to express more personality, and this can be achieved with a lot of colours. Different shades of blue accompanied by white and beige might remind you of the sea, while green kitchens will make you want to get out in nature more. Therefore, being bold in regard to the kitchen colours is best for this year’s trends, but it can last for longer, as an enjoyable kitchen, where you spend the most time, can be ageless.

How to make your kitchen more colourful

If your kitchen is already all-white, you can simply change that by painting over or getting patterned tiles for your project. You could:

  • Paint the cabinetry in your favourite colour;
  • Install a tile backsplash in a similar tone;
  • Place a colourful carpet in the middle of the kitchen;
  • Add plants around the kitchen;
  • Make use of fabrics and models;
  • Hang some artwork;

Regardless of how you choose to introduce more colours into the kitchen, it’s best to have a specific base from which to build the scheme adequately.

Colour schemes to consider for your kitchen

When it comes to developing a colours scheme, it’s best to be as creative as you want. Usually, designers have three colours in mind and place them together based on analogous or complementary patterns. If you’re the type to get this technical about interior design, go for it.

But if you’re looking for ideas, here are some famous colour schemes to consider for your kitchen:

  • Navy blue for cabinetry, gold for hardware and grey in the background;
  • Copper hardware, cream units and wood-based island;
  • Charcoal tile backsplash, purple cabinetry and natural wood;
  • Sage green walls or backsplash and cocoa brown cabinets;
  • Olive green cabinets and wood-based shelving and decorations;

As you can see, the focus is on earthy and natural tones to make the kitchen as welcoming as possible. Still, if you want to go bolder than this, try the following:

  • Orange cabinets, a grey island and a cream floor;
  • Cherry red decorations, apple green walls and stainless-steel hardware;
  • Bright red cabinets, dark blue backsplash and white hardware;

Incorporating colours in minimalistic and maximalist kitchens

Every one of us has an inner urge for minimalism or maximalism that can be transfigured in the kitchen’s design. That’s why some prefer the kitchen to be full of plants, decorations and beautiful cutlery while others like it as empty as possible.

Well, how do you incorporate colours for each style so the kitchen can still be functional? We’ll start by analysing their features. Minimalistic kitchens have clean and sleek surfaces with simple lighting. When it comes to colours, white, grey and beige are primordial.

On the other hand, maximalist kitchens are a mix-and-match of styles and eras, so they’re perfect for those with rich imaginations. Layered patterns are preferred, from abstract flower patterns to Victorian styles, while the tones are given by emerald green and deep purple, so anything is lavish.

It may seem like the minimalist style requires only shades of black and white, but the truth is that you can incorporate almost any colour you like for a minimalistic kitchen if it doesn’t have any patterns. Whether it’s a darker blue or an intense orange, the kitchen can be unsophisticated if the appliances and decorations are plain and simple.

Even maximalism can be approached through weaker tones, such as grey or crème, because they can come in different patterns, textiles or decorations. It may be more challenging to achieve the same impact, but everything is possible with a lot of imagination.

Bottom line

As we enter a new year of kitchen trends, the verdict is final: all-white kitchens are to be gone, and colourful and joyful ones will be implemented from now on. As homeowners want to live in a livelier house, they approach colours like green, blue and red for their kitchens for an uplifting look and more welcoming. So, this year, try to introduce bolder tones in your kitchen, from more plants and painted cabinets to loud decorations and weird furniture shapes.