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How to Declutter Your Kid's Room: 8 Simple Steps

Children are little delights and are naturally playful and curious, but are sometimes restless and clumsy. All this means one thing for you —- clutter.

With all the work you have to do around the house, adding organizing to your schedule is frustrating. From clothes to toys and gear, it can take you hours to organize, only for your kids to mess it up in minutes. If lack of enough space is one of the causes of clutter in your home, renting out affordable space to store some of your personal items can be a huge relief.

Here are 8 more tips to make decluttering a kid’s room a breeze:

  1. Get Your Bins
  2. Bins are an invaluable asset when you want to organize your kid’s room. A large toy box is great for your kids to store all their toys, but it will not work so well when they’re trying to locate specific gadgets without emptying the bin. Some of the best ways to use bins are:
    • Using clear bins to store different types of toys helps your child find what they need without creating a mess
    • Using colors and decorations for your bins also adds that extra appeal to your kid’s playroom
  1. Buy Space-Saving Toys
  2. Your kids may have fun playing with big toys like playhouses and kitchens but your space will suffer. If you prefer big toys, go for foldable ones that take up little storage space. These include:
    • Pop-up tents
    • Pop-up tunnels
    • Playhouses that you can dismantle and piece together
  1. Use Walls as Drawing Surfaces
  2. Vertical easels are fun drawing spaces for kids, but not so much when you’re trying to save on space. A better option would be to use your walls as paint spaces. Some ideas include:
    • Installing wallpapers
    • Painting the wall to create a chalkboard
    • Creating a smart whiteboard
  1. Use Cabinets and Shelves
  2. Shelves and cabinets provide extra space for organization. You can choose either, depending on your kids’ age and abilities.
  3. Shelves are easier to access for small kids. Secure shelves safely on walls and keep them out of the way to prevent your children from tipping over. Cabinets provide more compact storage, helping to reduce the appearance of clutter, and are great for older kids who can reach up.
  4. Keeping a combination of cabinets and shelves would be a good idea for decluttering a kid’s room. You can use cabinets to store toys that require adult assistance or supervision and shelves for toys that you want your kids to access easily.
  1. Donate or Sell Toys
  2. Decluttering a kid’s room can involve an act of charity like donating toys that your kids have maxed out to neighbors or charities. A few weeks before a birthday, holiday, event, or family celebration is a good time to sort through your toy collection with your kids and decide what to donate.
  3. You can also sell toys at a yard sale or online. Throw away damaged or unsafe toys.
  1. Change Up Toys
  2. When your kids can’t decide what to play with, they will sample all available toys, which leaves rooms messy. Give your kids some toys to play with and keep the rest away for a few weeks before changing them up again. This will give your kids new experiences, keep them from getting bored, and reduce the number of idle toys for a more organized room.
  1. Keep Toys Off the Floor
  2. You’ve probably heard of the phrase, ‘I hope you step on a lego’ in comedies, and it sure isn’t funny. Stepping on legos is extremely painful and scattered legos are often a disaster waiting to happen.
  3. Consider having child-sized tables where your child can place their toys while playing to keep them off the floor. Have chairs where they can sit as they play.
  1. Create a Cleaning Schedule and Involve Your Kids
  2. Create a regular schedule for cleaning and organizing toys. Let your kids be part of the clean-up process so they can learn the value of keeping things organized. You can teach them how to sort and organize. If your kids are competitive, compete on who organizes fast and let the winner get a prize!

Decluttering a Kid’s Room Doesn’t Have To Be Painful

Organizing is one of the parenting chores that you can’t escape. But decluttering a kid’s room doesn’t have to be painful.

If you have excess stuff in your home and would like to free up some space, you can start by renting out storage space. Invest in storage-saving toys like foldable toys to prevent filling up your space all over again. Instead of vertical easels, install wallpapers so your children can paint directly on walls. Donate toys that your children have outgrown as well.

Buy bins to store different types of toys and use shelves and cabinets to create storage spaces. Remember to create a cleaning schedule and make it fun for your kids to participate.

Following the above steps will help you clean up and create more opportunities for your kids to learn and grow.