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How To Maximise Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

Don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s an age old saying but it’s easier said than done. The book could be a masterpiece but if the covers bad, it’s more than often overlooked. The same can be said for a house. If the outside looks neglected, you automatically assume the inside will be too. If you are looking to sell your home, consider that the first image of your house online will be of the exterior and it will be easy for someone to scroll past it if it doesn’t look up to scratch. Potential buyers may even go so far as to do a ‘recce’, which involves driving past to see if they like what they see. If it’s lacking in kerb appeal, you may have lost a buyer. If your home is something to be proud of on the inside, it's time to boost its kerb appeal and get buyers through the door.

Here are some tips to maximise kerb appeal.

Add Greenery

Potted plants and hanging baskets are a great way of adding a pop of colour to the front of your home in the summer. For the winter months, try adding in evergreen shrubs, either around the front lawn or in pots near the front door if you are short of space. If you have a large front garden, make sure it is well kept and that the lawn is maintained and cut. A tidy, well presented front garden will reflect positively for the inside of your home.

The Front Door

A front door is where the eye is drawn too and is an excellent way to make your property stand out. For those with minimal outdoor space at the front, a bold front door is a great way of adding colour to the house. If you have a wooden door, try giving it a lick of paint to keep it in character with the property. Adding a quirky door knocker can add an element of fun too. If you have a uPVC door, using a specialist polish can restore whiteness - providing a fresher and cleaner look.

Give Driveways a New Lease of Life

Paths and driveways can become tired and weedy. To fix this, replace any flags that have been damaged and remove weeds. Following this, you can wash the path and drive with a jet wash to remove dirt. Once washed, apply a landscaping product to protect against green growth in the future. This will allow your drive to look its best for longer.

Keep Things Neat and Tidy

It may be surprising but dirty windows can put potential buyers off your home. 71% of Brits stated that they looked to see whether the windows were in a good condition when buying their house. But don’t worry, this is a relatively easy area to address too. Be sure to clean your windows either yourself or by hiring a local window cleaner. Also make sure to wipe around the window frames too.

Having clean windows also lets more light into your home which can be a boost for the interiors too.

Other things to consider are the location of your bins, as no one wants to see a pile of your rubbish on the front lawn of their future home! If you are putting your house on the property market, you can make sure that bins and recycling boxes are out of sight or shielded by a screen.