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How To Install A Kitchen Sink

Installing a kitchen sink is a project that most home handymen should be able to undertake on there own. There are four primary considerations:

  1. Location - the base cabinet must be bigger than the dimensions of the kitchen sink to be installed. Make sure you have adequate space between the sink and the backsplash for faucets and to allow for the use of the sink fasteners.
  2. Drainage - connection to the home's water drainage system must be installed. Multiple compartment kitchen sinks only need one trap, providing all the kitchen sink drains feed into that trap.
  3. If you are cutting out a countertop make sure it is protected from scratches caused by the base of saber saws or other cutting devices.
  4. Most kitchen sinks require that a sealant be used between the sink flange and the countertop. Silicone or latex sealer will perform nicely. Make sure you wipe any sealer that is squeezed out on to the countertop when you tighten the sink down.