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How To Install A Dishwasher

Installing a dishwasher is a project that most home handymen should be able to undertake on there own. There are four primary considerations:

  1. Location - most dishwashers are designed to allow for the convenient installation in a 24″ wide base cabinet location.
  2. Electrical Connection - it is suggested that a dishwasher have its own dedicated 15 amp, 120 VAC circuit.
  3. Water Supply - connection to the home's hot water line.
  4. Drainage - connection to the home's water drainage system. Most dishwashers drain into the kitchen sink plumbing before the trap. If you are providing a drain independent of the kitchen sink then a trap must be installed.

Most manufacturers will supply detailed installation specifications for their dishwashers. Remember that the warranty will be subject to the installation being as they direct in their instructions. Also remember that the manufacturer knows his equipment better than you do!