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Indoor Water Fountains - Tranquility

The sound made by flowing water, be it a babbling brook, a running stream, oceans waves or a fountain (Figure 1) has always provided a level of mental relaxation. Many recording companies have recorded these background sounds on CDs and tapes to provide us with comfort, relaxation and to help us fall asleep.

floor water fountain
Figure 1 - Indoor floor water fountain

Although these recordings are very realistic, there is nothing better than the real thing and now, more than ever having your own indoor water fountain is not economically out of reach for all of us, even those on tight budgets.

Indoor water fountains provide more value than just the sound that emanates from the fountain itself. Moving water helps to purify the air which in turn decreases indoor air pollution.

Indoor water fountains also provide us with a visual pastime; most people are intrigued with watching water cascade over the edges of plates, bowls and rocks or witnessing water continuously pour from a spout, disappearing into a container that never fills to the brim or overflows.

There is no lack of choice in style, physical size, theme and cost. If you have a larger home, you can opt for an indoor fountain that emulates a piece of sculpture. In smaller homes indoor fountains can be placed on walls, table tops counter tops, end tables, window ledges and coffee tables.

wall fountain
Selection of wall fountains
misting fountain
Selection of misting fountains
floor water fountain
Selection of floor water fountains
Selection of table-top fountains
waterfall fountains
Selection of waterfalls fountains

The installation of an indoor water fountain does not require you to invest in plumbing modifications to your home. Indoor water fountains do not require a drain or water supply, they are completely self contained. Most indoor water fountains plug into a standard wall outlet, a few are battery operated.

Maintenance is minimal. The addition of water to top up the reservoir, replacing water that has evaporated and periodic cleaning is all that is necessary.

indoor fountain pump
Figure 2 - Indoor fountain pump

For those who are handy and have some creativity, you can build your own indoor water fountain. Water fountain pumps and hose are readily available (Figure 2) and providing you have a water proof vessel as the base, you are half way to designing your own indoor water fountain. Using common materials you can make creating an indoor water fountain a family project on a rainy day!

Sleep better by relieving the day’s stresses and tensions with an indoor water fountain.