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How To Make Every Cent You Spend On Your Home Count

Nearly every new homeowner has a vision of what they want their house to be. They see what they have as “good enough,” the perfect canvas to apply their personal creativity. Unfortunately, circumstances often get in the way of those changes happening. Disposable income is hard to come by, and the home remains good enough.

To add insult to injury, by the time you have the money to spend on those renovations, you have to pay for a ton of home maintenance. Fixing the things that don’t work is always going to be more important than building that perfect little reading nook.

However, this does not have to be the case. You should be able to spend your extra cash on making your house better, not keeping the status quo. Here are some tips to ensure your house does not need expensive maintenance, leaving your disposable income to cover the fun stuff.

Learn basic DIY skills

If you are working full-time, the last thing you want to do on nights and weekends is handywork. For this reason, many people call someone in to fix minor problems. These house calls cost money that you could be spending on improving your home.

The reality is that basic DIY skills are easy to learn. If you take some time to get to grips with simple handiwork skills, you won’t resent the time you spend fixing up your home. Those small problems won’t be too much of a bother to fix, and you might even enjoy it. Those of us who grew up in homes where this sort of work was outsourced find it difficult to make the transition, but as a homeowner there is no excuse to fill that gap.

Get a home warranty

The concept of the warranty does not inspire confidence in everyone. Certain companies do everything they can to avoid meeting the terms of a warranty. However, there are some excellent home warranties that will really save you money.

A home warranty will cover most of the maintenance and repairs that you cannot do yourself, leaving your disposable income for renovations. You can click through to see reviews of home warranties, like American Home Shield. Make sure you take customer complaints seriously. Any warranty that makes you jump through hoops to get close to what they promised is not worth it.

Start craft projects

The idea of a craft project sounds fatuous to many working people. We have this attitude in America that something is only worth as much as you've paid for it. However, if you really put your energy and motivation into a craft project, it can transform your home for the better.

The best DIYers are able to create crafts that uplift any corner of their home. They can make unique furniture, shelves, and more. Renovations become a passion of love, rather than something you pay for.

Renovations should not be something reserved for the rich. If you make sure to take care of the basics in your home, you won’t be left spending all your disposable income on repairs.